Calgary gangster wanted on Canadian warrants accused of killing innocent mother of five | CBC News:

A convicted gangster in Calgary is wanted across Canada for the death of an innocent passerby in a car crash that orphaned the victim’s five children last week.

Police initially believed the crash was the result of a road rage that involved gunshots, but now believe it started as a targeted attack on another driver.

Talal Ameri, 29, has been charged with attempted murder, manslaughter, reckless use of a firearm, possession of a prohibited firearm with a deleted serial number, and a number of other firearm-related offenses.

Amer was once charged with six counts of attempted murder in connection with a violent street fight in Calgary in 2015.

He eventually pleaded guilty to a minor offense, serving his three-year sentence of 7.5 years in prison, which was set for May 2019.

Amer is now accused of harassing and shooting a man driving a Volkswagen Jetta. The incident resulted in two malfunctioning cars colliding at the Forest Lawn intersection.

Angela Mackenzie, 40, died in an accident, leaving five children who lost their father three months ago.

The police claim that Amer is the “aggressor”.

Police initially described the situation as a violent road rage, but now say the investigation has led officers to believe the shot was aimed at the driver of the Jetta.

Those on board the Jetta “did not exchange shots as previously thought,” police said in a written statement Monday.

Police say Amer was the only person found to have a stolen Chevy Silverado.

Investigators claim that Amer “was the aggressor” and chased the Jetta, shooting at him before finally colliding with McKenzie’s car.

“Our investigators have been working day and night to find the person responsible for Mrs. Mackenzie’s tragic death,” said the chief of staff for the homicide unit. Sean Gregson.

“This incident was a careless, senseless manifestation of violence in our community. We believe that Talal Amer is solely responsible for Mrs. Mackenzie’s death.”

Last Tuesday, immediately after 11 pm, the police received several alerts about the shooting և irregular flow of two vehicles on 36th Street SE

Shots were fired at several houses, երկու Two cars were damaged in 17th Avenue SE, which were not involved.

Calgary 2015 Gang War

In 2015, Calgary had 100 shots, which doubled compared to the previous year.

Amer – his family members, including his brother and cousins ​​- were involved in a bloody street fight between the gangs at the time.

Ameri was charged with ordering a criminal organization to commit crimes in 2016, plus six counts of attempted murder.

He was eventually found guilty of conspiracy to use firearms for drug trafficking after four people were shot dead on November 29, 2015, while sitting in a Cadillac Escalade in a residential area.

Amer said he was leaving criminal life

Amer և his brother were both sentenced to 7.5 years in prison. For the time they served, they stayed behind bars for about three years. “

While admitting his guilt in 2019, Amer said he accepted responsibility for his actions and wanted to move forward with his life.

One of the defining characteristics of gun violence in 2015 was family ties.

That year the Calgary Police Gun Division compiled a list of about 60 people who were considered “high-level” members of the gangs. The idea was to help the front-line officers identify them and find out if anyone was violating the conditions set by the court.

The list included several members of Amer’s family, including Talal, his brother Barakat, and two cousins, Badar and Abdul.

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