California church shooting suspect charged with hate crimes

A Las Vegas man suspected of killing one person and wounding five others during an Asian church meeting in Southern California on Sunday has said political tensions between China and Taiwan were high.

David Chow, 68, was sentenced to five years in prison on five counts of attempted murder. Statement by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Christie Johnson, the FBI’s assistant director in Los Angeles, told a news conference Monday afternoon that a federal hate crime investigation had been launched into Chow to see if he could be charged with federal felony criminal mischief.

During the same media briefing, Orange County Sheriff Donald Barnes called the shooting a “politically motivated hate incident.” Barnes said Chow, an American citizen from China, was “outraged by the political tensions between China and Taiwan.”

On Saturday, Chow traveled to Southern California before the attack on Sunday, where he chained the doors and used super glue to break the locks. No connection has been established between Chow’s church or any parish there, Barnes said.

The victim, Dr. John Cheng of Laguna Nigel, 53, who was killed in the attack, charged Chow with trying to disarm him, which resulted in his being fatally shot, Barnes said.

“Dr. Cheng is a hero,” he said. “It is known that Dr. Cheng charged the person, the suspect, tried to disarm him, which allowed him to mediate with other parishioners, taking the suspect into custody.”

Investigators found several bags of ammunition in the church, as well as four Molotov cocktails, Barnes said.

After Cheng indicted Chow, he was arrested by members of the Jiangxi Presbyterian Church, who tied him with electric wires, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputy Sheriff Jeff Halok told a news conference on Sunday that the Congregation had seized at least two pistols, which were later confiscated by lawmakers.

Authorities are expected to release additional information later Monday.

Sheriff officials said about 40 people belonging to a Taiwanese church were at the facility when the shooting began.

The sheriff’s office said the shooting took place at Gen’s Presbyterian Church at 1:26 p.m., in the retired town of Laguna Woods, about 20 miles southeast of Anaheim.

Sheriff’s officials said about 40 people belonging to a Taiwanese church were in the facility at the time of the shooting.

They said that four victims were seriously injured.

The sheriff’s office on Sunday night found that the injured were Asian Americans, aged 66 to 92. The four are men. The identity of the deceased was found out to inform the family members.

The sheriff’s officers reported that the victim’s body was found at the scene. All the other injured, including the person who received minor injuries, were hospitalized.

Two people were admitted to Providence Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo on Monday after the shooting, according to the hospital.

Police sources stressed that the preliminary investigation is at the initial stage, that they have not found out motives.

Tom Kramer, chief executive of the Los Ranch Presbyterian Churches Network, said the violence took place during a dinner in honor of the former pastor of the Congregation.

The organization is “deeply saddened by the deadly shooting that took place during the luncheon,” he said. announcement:.

“Please keep the leadership of the Taiwanese Congregation in your prayers, as they care about the victims of these shootings.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Firecrackers says agents based in Los Angeles are assisting sheriff investigators. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also responded by supporting the investigation, the sheriff’s office said Sunday evening.

Laguna Woods և Laguna Woods Village are relatively unique communities for people 55 55 բարձր older և for their companions or loved ones. Large parts of it, including the village, are gated.

The city consists of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartment-style dwellings. It opened as Leisure World in 1964 and in 1999 became the 32nd city in the region.

Authorities asked people to leave the area, noting that many roads were closed.

Dallas police say they are looking for someone who can target people of Asian descent among the shots.

Three Korean women injured in shooting at hairdressing salon on Wednesday. Police Chief Eddie Garcia said the department was investigating the shooting as a hate crime.

Attacks on Asian Americans has grown dramatically in recent years.

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