Calling men “bald” in the workplace is now considered sexual harassment in the UK

Insulting a man for being bald in the workplace is considered sexual harassment in the UK, according to a report by the Bald Judges Commission on Thursday.

Hair loss is much more common in men than in women, so the use of the term “naturally related to sex” և is equivalent to interpreting a woman’s breast size, according to a labor tribunal. UK Telegraph:.

The conclusion, made by three judges who lament the lack of their locks in the verdict, came in the case of electrician Tony Finn, who sued a small family business in Yorkshire for that period.

Things got messy at first when one of Finn’s supervisors, Jamie King, allegedly called him a “fat bald man” and later fired him from the British Bung in West Yorkshire, which makes wooden barrel plugs, the newspaper reported.

The indictment led to a panel chaired by Judge Jonathan Brain discussing whether King baldness was just insulting, or escalating.

“In our judgment, there is a connection between the word ‘bald’ on the one hand and the protected feature of sex on the other,” the tribunal said. “We think it has a lot to do with sex.”

The judges ruled that the term “bald” is “naturally associated with sex” and compared the use of the term to interpreting a woman’s breasts.
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The verdict stated that the company’s lawyer was “right in claiming that women as well as men can be bald”, but insisted that “baldness is much more common among men than women”.

“Likewise, it is much more likely that the person receiving the remark, such as Mr. King, was male,” he added.

The statement also stated that criticizing Finn for his hairless head was “humiliating” or “humiliating”.

“It’s a strong language. Or, as we find, industrial language was common on this floor of the West Yorkshire factory, we think Mr. King crossed the line, making personal remarks to the plaintiff about his appearance. ”

“It’s difficult to draw any conclusions other than the fact that Mr. King said these words in order to violate them. [Mr. Finn’s] “Creating an environment of intimidation, hostility, humiliation, humiliation or insult to him,” it says. “By his own admission, Mr. King intended to threaten [Mr. Finn] “Insult him.”

Following Finn’s sexual harassment lawsuit, the court ruled that the company had unfairly fired him after 24 years.

Finn’s financial compensation will be decided later.

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