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Startup Carbon Clean: announced Earlier this week, he raised $ 150 million in the C Series, which provided him with a substantial battle box to continue developing his modular carbon capture system.

Carbon Clean has won its share of fans, most recently Chevron, which led the stage, and BloombergNEF, which named: It was BNEF Pioneer last month, partly due to the startup’s small-scale approach to carbon sequestration (CCS).

As a rule, technology is a large-scale business. After all, the world needs to eliminate emissions on a large scale, և technology benefits on a certain scale. This is why CCS is usually assumed to be connected to mass-fired coal or gas-fired power plants.

But there are still much smaller areas, from cement kilns to chemical plants that are currently associated with fossil fuels but still need to be carbonated. These are the types of companies that Carbon Clean has approached, and the startup says its modular approach can help polluters overcome their carbon emissions gradually as regulations accelerate.

Carbon Clean relies heavily on a proven և real-time process to remove carbon dioxide from exhaust streams. Emissions of carbon dioxide are sent through a filter which is soaked in an amine-based solvent. At low temperatures (about 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit), carbon dioxide will bind to the amines. CO:2:– The charged solvent is then pushed into another container, where it is heated to 110 to 120 degrees C (230 to 248 F) to release the gas, which is then compressed and sent to another place for use or storage. Each company has its own amine solvent with different properties, և the details of the process may be different, but that is the essence of it.

Carbon Clean CEO Anirudda Sharma said her company’s amine solvents could reduce costs compared to commonly used amines by requiring less energy to heat and reducing corrosion in the system. Until the company releases more data, such allegations will be difficult to judge. But based on: The general type of amines usedCarbon Clean will probably see at least a slight improvement in the use of energy.

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