Caroline Manzo. I will return to “RONJ” to “knock” Theresa Judis

Caroline Manzo says she would like to return to the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” solely to lead what she believes is the late removal of HBIC Theresa Judis.

The Bravo shim does not restrain during Episode May 18 on Son Albie’s podcastwhich was aptly titled, “Caroline Manzo, Out for Blood.”

“I’ll just post it because I’m just not giving af-k, okay. Do you know what? I would have great fun, fans, community, to enter և just knock out from st [Teresa] “He just verbally put her in his place,” Manzo said after reading a “Dear Albi” host asking a fan if he would “return to address Theresa once and for all.”

“I’m tired. I’m tired of some things. I’m tired of him opening his very uneducated mouth ելու to use me as a weapon to say that I was the one who led his IRS claim և things like that. “We are not those people,” he continued.

“Sometimes, you have to hit the bully. “I’m more than happy to go and hit the bully.”

Theresa Judis at BravoCon 2019
“Sometimes you have to hit the bully,” Bravo Shib said of Judis.
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So what’s stopping him? Manzo insists the network can no longer afford it.

“Bravo does not want to pay me,” he said. “So guess what, Bravo?” You do not get this for free. You do not get it for free, madam. “I’m sure they pay Teresa too much.”

Representatives of Bravo և Giudice did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Page Six.

Judis, 50, and Manzo, 60, were close friends when RHONJ premiered in 2009. However, their relationship suffered greatly due to the tense family dynamics և the first financial difficulties.

All hope of renovation seems to have been lost after that The judge charged Beff Theresa May and her ex-husband, Joe Judis, were jailed for fraud in a federal government investigation.

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