Casey White և Vicky White 11 days on the run. Summary և Schedule:

After fleeing for more than 10 days, they reached about 300 miles north of Alabama to Indiana. the end came quickly Former Correctional Officer Vicky White համար’s murder suspect, accused of aiding and abetting Casey White.

Police have uncovered Vicky White և Casey White, who have no relatives, hid in a motel in Evansville, Indiana, where they escaped from a jail in Alabama for several days on April 29, according to the Sheriff of Vanderburg County, Indiana. Dave Wedding.

Police in six different vehicles chased the couple for about two miles, and several law enforcement vehicles collided with the Cadillac sedan the couple was driving in when it overturned, Wedding said.

A little later, Vicki White shot herself in the head, said the authorities. Wednesday’s 911 audio captured some of his latest comments.

“The airbags are coming off,” he was quoted as saying in a police statement. “Let’s go out and run, they had to stay … in the hotel.”

Casey White was taken into custody after the accident.

Casey White arrives in Florence's Lauderdale District Court on Tuesday after refusing to be extradited to Indiana.
Casey White arrives in Florence’s Lauderdale District Court on Tuesday after refusing to be extradited to Indiana.By Dan Busy / The Times Daily AP

Authorities say four pistols and several semi-automatic weapons, including an AR-15, were found in the couple’s car. Casey White planned to shoot at police, said Weding.

NBC News has joined Vicky White եյ Casey White’s movements during the escape days, interviewing officials, reviewing public statements and posts from the moment they disappeared, until this week their fortunes in southwest Indiana were exhausted.

Escape preparation

Vicky White, 56, a former assistant director of corrections at Lauderdale County Jail in Florence, Alabama, called Lauderdale Sheriff Rick Singleton “the chief” behind the escape.

Singleton says White, once a highly regarded employee who was planning to retire on the day of his disappearance, took steps that morning to urge the couple to pursue law enforcement.

Vicky White.
Vicky White.Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities say he was in a two-year relationship with Casey White, 38, a prisoner accused of stabbing 58-year-old Connie Rijue to death.

Officials said he was already serving a sentence for other convictions in the state jail when he was charged with 2015 murder. He was taken to Lauderdale County for a murder trial.

The day they disappeared, Vicky White released the MPs who were transferring the inmates, Singleton said. He then accompanied Casey White on his own, although the policy required that two lawmakers transfer such prisoners, he said.

Their cover was that Casey White had to go to court for a mental health assessment. But such an assessment is never planned. The plot unfolded on Friday the busiest day of the trial, Singleton said.

Vicky White’s knowledge of the prison’s internal affairs և judicial system was given to the couple six hours before the sheriff’s office even realized that the two of them had disappeared, Singleton said.

He added that before his disappearance, Vicky White had sold her house and was available for about $ 90,000.

He bought a Ford Edge that the couple was using to get out of the state. It was one of the few cars the couple bought and then unloaded while on the blade.

Vicky White was spotted shopping at a department store buying men’s clothing before the couple disappeared, Singleton said.

On the morning of the disappearance, officials said, Vicky White was seen on a video checking out Quality Inn in Florence, Alabama.

“This is the strangest thing I’ve ever encountered,” Singleton said. “I have seen a lot in my career. This is not the first escape I’ve been involved with. “But I have never seen anything as calculated, planned and carried out as this escape.”

Singleton said the couple’s alleged plot was like “digging into a rock wall.”

Most of the other fugitives “do not have the resources that Vicky Casey had,” he said. “They have no cash, no car to wait for them. They do not have a change of clothes. Most escapes do not have these elements. It did not help that we were six hours behind. “Eight balls already.”

The fugitives were one step ahead of the authorities within a week.

The couple flees north

On May 1, two days after the couple went missing, investigators began to gather that Vicky White had recently purchased a 2007 Ford Edge, Singleton said. The next day, with the help of the US Marshall Service, authorities confirmed that the couple had fled in that car.

The next big break in the case came on Thursday when investigators found it Page on a deserted road in Williamson, Tennessee. Authorities said The couple left the Page the day they disappeared.

For tens of thousands of dollars, Vicky White եյ Casey White bought a Ford F-150 near Bethesda, Tennessee. They used it to leave the state and were later tracked down in Indiana, officials said.

A Motel 41 office worker, where the couple hid before being caught, said a man rented a room for the couple on May 2.

An employee who asked not to be named said there was no Vicky White or Casey White name on the motel. The fugitives were paid by a temporary person to book a room for them, Vanderburg County Sheriff Wedding said.

Motel 41, where Casey White and Vicky White fled, were reportedly in Evansville, India.Timothy D. Easley / AP:

The couple paid cash for a week at the hotel on Monday, a motel employee said. He said he saw Vicky White wearing a wig around.

“No one knew they had run away, or were runaways, or none of that until yesterday when they were caught,” said the worker.

Daily prices at the motel were about $ 63.

The couple had been in Indiana for about a week.

A security video obtained by investigators showed Casey White on May 3 at an Evansville car wash where an F-150 pickup truck purchased in Tennessee was abandoned. The video also shows the Cadillac used by the couple, which, according to officials, was bought in Indiana from a car wash.

Casey White
A video that still shows Casey White, 38, cleaning a Ford F-150 at a car wash in Evansville, India.US Marshals

The couple used: at least three cars, two of which were puddles, Officials said they were on the run.

In addition to the weapons found in the couple’s Cadillac, authorities said there were և $ 29,000 in the car.

The planned program remains unclear

Neither the sheriff, nor Weding, nor Singleton have said they know what the couple’s ultimate plan is or whether their journey north of Alabama has a real destination.

Syndication.  Evansville Courier and Press:
The truck was transporting the Cadillac sedan to the fugitive Casey White և Vicky White, when law enforcement officers forced them to enter a pit in the Indian city of Evansville on Monday. Danny Simmons / USA Today Network:

The U.S. Marshall Service said that when Casey White left the Cadillac on Monday, he shouted:

Singleton said. “I do not know whether Casey White will cooperate in this matter or not. It would be nice to know what they had in mind. ”

Singleton believes that their escape plan was stopped in Indiana because they realized that they were in danger every minute they appeared in public.

“All the attention of the national media pushed them underground. “They had to lie down because their descriptions were outside,” Singleton said. “That’s why they stayed in that motel for a few days.”

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