Change your career or start a new business. what you need to know

Our working life has changed a lot over the last few years. The epidemic has made some companies dissatisfied with their work, making us grateful for the stability and safety of others.

It also helped many people to better understand their working life. Some found that they valued their careers as never before, while others found that they had a long-awaited wake-up call; they felt the need to change the situation, to try another way. The big resignation is a clear sign of time.

In: The latest IONOS study, it turned out that 35% of Americans are dissatisfied with their work. The same study also showed that 80% of Americans thought about self-employment and liked the idea of ​​being their own boss.

We talked Caroline Castrio, a successful career coach who helps people change their careers. Caroline used to work in the corporate sector before deciding to give up her career and move on to a new profession.

We asked Caroline about her personal experiences և what advice she has for others who are thinking of doing the same.

What made you change your career? Was there a main motive?

I wanted to be my own boss for years, I just didn’t know how to start or what to do. I decided to work with a career coach who helped me discover my calling.

I wanted to help others avoid their corporate roles – to find freedom, flexibility – perfect work in their work, so I decided to train as a coach, start my own business.

Now I can join my clients on their incredible journeys և help them make changes much faster than they could make on their own.

Financial fear is the main factor that prevents many people from changing their career or starting their own business. What fears did you have from your experience?

It is so normal to have fears when entering a new arena և I had the same fears as many others. I was so confident in my path that I decided not to let my fears get in the way of my goals.

Since I changed my career at the age of forty, I already had 25+ years of marketing experience that I used to help myself along the way. If you are confident in your dream, ready to leave your comfort zone, you will achieve it. It’s all about consistency, patience ավորման planning.

In terms of career, you found what you wanted to do through coaching. How do you advise others to choose between a “practice” of passion when choosing a new career?

Any career should be in line with your values. If not here’s a new product just for you! When you discover the things that are important to you, you are more likely to develop habits that are in line with who you want to be. Take the time to re-evaluate your core values ​​և whether they are in line with your current profession.

Think about this exercise. Write down your top ten values ​​(these may include things like family, adventure, autonomy, or creativity, among others), then narrow down the list to the top five.

Prioritize the top five և Write down why each of these values ​​is important to you. If you’re not sure which one is the most important, this action will help you discover it. Then you will know in which areas you can be flexible against those that are not negotiable.

What advice would you give to managing your financial fears and not letting them get in the way of your career change?

Fear can be managed so that it does not interfere with your ability to achieve your goals. Fear never goes away, fear management is a skill that will be used often. One of my favorite ways to deal with financial turmoil is to write down everything you feel on paper and ask yourself a few practical questions.

How much do you spend? How much do you save?

How long does it take to get yours? business idea start?

Poor cash flow management contributes to the failure of the business eighty-two percent of the time. Feeling ready helps to overcome fear, so sit down with an accountant or consultant և Examine your financial situation to find a viable solution.

A healthy cash flow helps you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of your business. The amount you have to set aside will depend on your expenses, the industry, and how long it will take to generate a healthy income.

Fear means “false evidence that seems real.” Many people are anxious and scared because they imagine how they suddenly made the leap to entrepreneurship, but the reality is that you can do it in stages.

Think big և Start small. Outsourcing businesses is always a sensible strategy, as you can work on building your business alongside your current work.

To read more Caroline CastrioInterview և Download the free e-book to see the full IONOS study »A New Vision of Entrepreneurship in America»

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