Charles Barkley Criticism of Joel Embid Unfounded

Joel Embid missed the first two games Philadelphia 76 yrsThe second round series against Miami Heat In 2022 NBA playoffs after: fracture of the right orbit թե concussion: concussion. Embid was already playing through the torn ligaments of his right thumb against the Toronto Raptors in the first round, even before Pascal Siakam’s elbow broke his face in the final minutes of Phil’s crucial 6th game victory.

The fact that Embiid is playing at all now is “incredibly admirable”, probably from a medical point of view. When Embiid: In 2018, he received the exact same injury on the left side of his face, he missed three weeks before returning to the playoffs. This time he was out of action for just one week before returning to the third game in a row against Heath.

Philly lost 0-2 to Miami without Embiid. When he returned, the Sixers immediately played their next two home games. When the teams met on Tuesday night for the key 5th game in Miami, Embid had a difficult night, as did the Sickers. Miami escaped with a 120-85 victory, leading 3-2, returning to Philly.

It was Embid at one point in the first half In the fight for the rebound with Dwayne Dedmon, he hit the ball hard on the head. Embid lay on the floor for a minute or two in pain, but, of course, he got up and returned to finish the game.

It is noteworthy that Embid now plays with broken bones of the orbit and torn ankles, not to mention the latest symptoms of concussion. However, when TNT’s half-finished show began, Charles Barkley criticized Embidi for being too distracted by not winning the MVP.

Here are Barkley’s comments.

Joel Embid is so distracted, I think, because of this MVP. He is not there tonight. He has six points, but he is not aggressive. He throws the ball. I wonder who from that team will say, man, “you are the MVP.” We know you’re the MVP. Now go out and prove it. ” When you’re angry about something, it can work in two ways. And tonight’s doing the wrong thing for Joel Embid. He is so distracted.

Yes, Embid had a rough half (he finished the night with 17 points, 7 with 12 goals). It can simply be explained by more injuries than “deviating from not winning the MVP”.

TNT correspondent Chris Haynes repeated similar comments during the broadcast.

A few days ago, Haynes reported that Embidy could not even look at his phone because of the symptoms of a concussion.

If it were any other time of year, Embiid would be out right now. There is no doubt about that. Instead, he shows incredible toughness, determination, just coming on the field, helping the Sickers out of the 0-2 hole to have a real chance in this series.

Embidi was asked Nikola Jokic won the MVP for the second time in a row after the game, և he was ready to answer.

Did his game in Game 5 really affect not winning the MVP? It seems incredibly hard to believe. It’s an unfounded claim, which discounts what the Miami Heat defense did in Game 5.

Former players like Barkley should be the only ones who understand how difficult it is to play with a broken face like Embid now. Shack said on the set that no one was going to feel bad about Embid because he was playing, but that should be the purpose of the half-finished show, to educate viewers about what someone like Embid is going through just to go to court. :

“Inside the NBA” was, as always, wonderful.

Criticism of Embiid does not just hold water. At least Barkley was clear that this was just his opinion. Embid simply deserves better than making such comments to a national audience when he puts his body on the line and plays through great pain for the good of his team.

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