Welcome back! It is FOREVER because we are here Stylish guitar together, but I’m so excited to share more of our first Collaborative Home Story Townhouse.

Last October, after moving to our new apartment in our favorite neighborhood in the UES, our first job was to make two children’s bedrooms. We have moved many times inside London, from London to New York City և New York City, but we have always had a goal, no matter if the rest of the apartment is finished with the baby bedding first. ! Or is this really the first time they have been in their room before this apartment they have always shared a bedroom?

Before this apartment, James and Stella shared their bedroom և they loved it. We also liked it because we thought the company was really helping them feel comfortable and safe sleeping. They seldom woke up at night or had trouble sleeping; I do not think it’s necessarily due to any sleep training magic, as we have never done anything other than have a strong bedtime routine that we eagerly pursued. : At all times.

Then there is the age factor, which played a role in the decision to keep them together, not to separate them. I mean, do not get me wrong, I have nothing against individual rooms, I just have more Pros than cons, և we finally got it… But that does not mean it is a formula for guaranteed success:. . Anyway, at least I did not go down without explaining myself first. they are stronger emotionally. should “support” each other. Now that James is almost 10 years old and Stella is 8 years old in a few weeks, we have noticed that their emotional needs before going to bed or at night are different. James needs his own space, his moments before going to bed, և I even dare say some secrecy. Or call it a private space. Stella is definitely not 100% there yet, emotionally. He often asks us if he can sleep with James or James with him, but unfortunately for Stella, James refuses more often than he says yes. So we think Stella asked us if a new baby coming in late October, if all goes well, could stay in her room. We obviously said yes to it, but explained that he would be in our room first until he could sleep through the night. He agreed. We all agreed. And for the two of us, we returned to the implementation of a stable sleep time regime in separate rooms. But a week later, a week before school wakes up, we feel like we got there… now we just have to stick to it.

But sorry, I know you did not come here for parenting advice, և I do not want this platform to be the core of it, but for baby bedroom ideas, so let’s get to that.

One thing was very clear for both rooms from the beginning. I wanted an imbued sense of design, but on a modern basis. The original colors were also mandatory, which I knew from the time I saw them Kelly Green on the bed Townhouse Which ended in James’s room. Stella has always wanted a bunk bedև because his room was more rectangular than the square room where James was going to sleep, it seemed to fit perfectly. Also, they both now have room for the guest when the menu returns to the menu. Eggs is our favorite household furniture brand with և Oeuf desk moving from an old apartment to this house was an easy choice to make bunk bed from this brand.

We kept the accessories around the bed simple, but in line with the color palette of the room, the style we were trying to achieve. For James, this meant a more adult atmosphere, with Kelly Green և Cook’s blue by Farrow & Ball, darker wood tonesFor Stella, bright և happily mixing bold shades of red և pink և beautiful wallpaper by Work + Sea.

Desk speed is faster than ever. Where, before the epidemic, children did most of their schoolwork at the desk, homework brought the need for their own “workspace” so that they could be free to take Zoom lessons and virtual games. It’s a place to rest – preferably a rocking chair if you ask Stella, it became an important part of their room. It was as if their room had become a mini-apartment so that when we were home at four or five, we would not have to sit, work or read to each other all the time. The epidemic has made it very clear that we all need some time in the day for our “own space” և having a bedroom that offers a little everything, we serve the children the best we can.

Thank you Townhouse Make our children’s bedroom dream come true. For the great team that came to photograph or shoot, wait for this one, old and new.

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