Chelsea need new blood to bridge the gap between Liverpool

“Today I see everything negatively.”

There is no better or richer person Chelsea: evaluate how good this season is for the club than the captain Cesar Aspilicueta. Emotions were high when the 32-year-old spoke to reporters at Wembley Stadium just hours after conceding his penalty kick, which helped Chelsea beat him on the pitch. Liverpool: In the English Cup final.

To ensure a certain balance between misery and gloom, the veteran defender stressed that this season, Chelsea won the FIFA Club World Cup for the first time in its history, as well as the UEFA Super Cup for the first time since 1998.

But in general, his instinct to sound rather gloomy is true, even if his position softens in the next few days. Aspilicueta is the last link of the senior team in the relentless era of the club, when victory was a habit և expected. It was not an accidental experience.

This does not mean that the cabinet has not had some significant additions in recent years. Most of the current group was responsible for the elimination Champions League last May.

But when Aspilicueta joined Chelsea a decade ago, he arrived at a club where reaching the domestic final meant that you were practically guaranteed a winner. They reached seven EFL: և The FA Cup Final was held at Wembley in 2005-12, with all but one և winning six trophies. Three Premier League:During that period, the first draw of the Champions League was added.

That group had players who, in practice, always found a way to win big events, very talented but mentally tough men like John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba. Liverpool will remember the last two, who combined perfectly for the decisive goal in their previous visit to the 2012 FA Cup final.

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Aspilicueta played in two championships, which followed in 2015-2017, but Chelsea did not come close to taking first place in the last five years. During that relative drought, their affection for Wembley also ended. The defeat to Liverpool on Saturday means that they are the first club to lose three in a row in the FA Cup final. They have won four of their last five FA Cup finals (since 2017), and that damn statistic goes from the last seven to six, if you include the EFL Cup final. In other words, taking the second place with the best is now a worrying habit for the current generation.

Anyone who has witnessed their two defeats to Liverpool, who also beat them in the FA Cup final in February, will rightly sympathize with coach Thomas Tuchel. that they were not fortunate enough to leave empty-handed twice. Even his partner Jurgen Klopp agreed.

But an outgoing defender Antonio Rudigerwho is leaving? Real Madrid in the summer, he knows there is more to it than that. “For me personally, this is the third time (I lost in the FA Cup final), so you can not always say ‘unsuccessful, unsuccessful, unsuccessful.

“After all, we are talking about victory, not (what it means for Chelsea) next season. The game was today և it had to be accepted. Unfortunately, we did not do that. It’s hard for me to take. These are questions we sometimes do not have the answers to. I do not have the answer to that.

“It’s been five years for me at Chelsea, with the usual ups and downs. There were a lot of positive things, but I’m even more disappointed because I wanted a different ending. “

(Photo by Michael Reagan – FA via Getty Images)

Chelsea Տ Tuchel can no doubt argue that this season could not have been tougher. The 63-game tough schedule will end next Sunday, և their challenge on all fronts has been disrupted by COVID: injuries. There were more fitness issues against Liverpool Kai Havertz և: Timo Werner is not able to display. Key midfielders Mateo Kovacic և: N’Golo Kante – The Best Of N’Golo Kante: came out on the field, but was not 100% close. But “Liverpool” had its own problems Mohamed Salah և: Virgil van Dijk both of which persisted issues that forced Klopp to replace them Fabinho could not be elected at all. Klopp’s team has played only one game less, it has still found the best way out. They have become like Chelsea.

It is clear that Chelsea have been under sanctions for the past few months, and the sale process has caused a mental outburst. But the club, especially soon the new owners, Todd Boeli’s consortium, will be wrong if they do not see the bigger picture here. They need to study the patterns that have developed over the last five years, not just the trials and tribulations of the past.

This is a team that needs updating, that needs new blood transfusions, new characters in defense, midfield և offensive line if they want to win, not just compete for silver. There are real gems like: Mount Mason և: Reese James to build a team around, while in Tukhel they have a qualified manager.

Boel, portrayed by a fan leaving Wembley, will not be able to finance Chelsea in the transfer market, as outgoing owner Roman Abramovich has done for the past 19 years. But his consortium did not acquire them either to become theirs.

“Chelsea” played four times well against “Liverpool” (twice in the Premier League) and four times played an effective draw. But the difference of 16 points between them in the Premier League reveals the common gap between the two teams.

“I think it (Chelsea’s four games against Liverpool) shows that we can compete against one of England’s best teams in the world,” said Aspilicueta. “They are in the Champions League final, but the truth is that we are not backward enough to challenge for the Premier League this season.

“I am not a person who says what the club should do (in the market). (But) at the end of the season, we need to analyze what we have done well and where we can improve. We are Chelsea, a club that wants to win everything. Of course, when you are third (they need a maximum of two points from the last two games to guarantee that), you want to finish higher և challenge for each cup. We have done this in every season. It will not change. As a group, we want more. ”

Chelsea were thinking about acquiring him Romelu Lukaku The club’s record ,5 97.5m ամ last summer will provide the missing piece for their pursuit. Manchester City ։ Liverpool. The best way to put it is to say that it has not worked yet, but the hard work of bridging the divide between the elite seems to be just beginning.

(Photo by Andrew Kearns – CameraSport via Getty Images)

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