«Chip ‘n Dale. Rescue Rangers “reload, which requires zero nostalgia

Hollywood loves a good comeback story և new Disney + movie Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers: has a wonderful one. No, not to the title squirrel characters who starred in their first project since the end of their 1990 animated series. I’m talking about the return of “Ugly Sonic” – the disturbing version of Sonic the Hedgehog – with human teeth, beaded eyes and a strangely elongated body that you can remember before 2020. hasty transformation saved its debut in a live-action film. For media-savvy fans, Ugly Sonic is the epitome of fun pop culture. But in this Chip ‘n Dale: reload he’s just an actor who failed at Tinseltown.

The return of Ugly Sonic is one of the biggest reasons to recommend it Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers:, as it shows the kind of humor shown in the rest of Akiva Schaefer’s film. loyal viewers of Disney Afternoon cartoon block Expecting a faithful update can be frustrating. then again, I can not imagine that many people really wanted a simple adventure story about two squirrels who ran a detective agency. Instead, this movie looks like an upgrade Who framed Roger Rabbit?which takes place in a world where animated creatures are members of human society and Chip and Dale are actors who have had a hard time since their show was canceled.

Roger Rabbit, which, perhaps, is Robert Zemeckis’s greatest film, one of the most innovative comedies ever made, is a major action to follow. Chip ‘n Dale: is not on the same level. But it’s a witty, ingenious picture of the renaissance of the film industry, filled with meta-cameos, background jokes, told in the satirical style of Schaefer’s previous show business. Popstar. Never Stop Never Stop Stop:. The director is reunited with Andy Samberg, a friend on “Lonely Island”, who voices the happy Dufus Dale, while John Moulin gives inconsolable energy to his direct-arrow partner, Chip.

Unlike most hereditary sequels, Chip ‘n Dale: He seems to realize that the property he is adapting has not caused much nostalgia. I was a Disney Afternoon TV viewer as a kid (DuckTales: և: TaleSpin: were among the other syndication offers) և I can only vaguely recall what it was that Chip and Dale actually received week after week. The script of the film (according to Dan Gregor և Doug Mandy) is more interested in the idea of ​​corporate nostalgia. “Only children in the 90s remember” retro aesthetics, which clogs many pages of Millennium memes.

In: Chip ‘n Dale:, Dale is trying to reverse that trend. Hoping to beautify his appearance after the cancellation of his show, Dale underwent experimental CGI surgery to look like the 3-D animated creatures that now complement children’s films with realistic fur and bulging eyes. Chip remains a traditional two-dimensional, shaded creation of the past: switched to more everyday career sales insurance. But when Dale reconnects with them, they begin to try to solve the case of their missing friend Monterey Jack (voiced by Eric Bana), who is their former cast member.

How to: Roger Rabbit, the central mystery has to do with the Hollywood underworld. This time, however, that setting is updated for the industry, as the audience now knows. The film digs into the cheap animated shakes that are prevalent on streaming services today. That space is where characters like Ugly Sonic, next to Sweet Pitt (Will Arnett), a medieval, beer-drinking version of Disney, weaken. Peter Pan; և (most funny) glass-eyed CGI Viking fighter, played by Seth Rogen, who looks like the horror mannequins of 2000s movies such as: Freight express և: Beowulf. In: Chip ‘n Dale:All these forgotten figures continue to work in obscurity, struggling even for a little modernity against the backdrop of so many new brands.

If this plot sounds a little too serious, be assured that it is not. Schaefer և company becomes stupid when covering their point of view, for example, by posting a poster of a movie called: Batman vs. ET: այլ Another advertiser, Meryl Streep, as: Mr. Dubtfire. And a strong emotional foundation is laid by Chip, who has renounced fame, և Dale, who needs it to feel validated as they work to restore their friendship. (Samberg և Mouliney’s easy chemistry also helps.) The film works mainly because it somehow finds a fresh satirical corner through its weird animation tricks և self-referencing. Other films have distracted an industry that intends to seduce the audience with its own fading memories, but only. Chip ‘n Dale: in fact, it brings new life to those memories.

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