Chloe Kardashian և Tristan Thompson’s relationship status now that she sees a new man

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Now that Chloe KardashianThe 37-year-old is interested in meeting again, fans can not help but think about his relationship with the father of the father of one of his children. Tristan Thompson31. According to the insider, he completely moved from Tristan, who deceived him not once but twiceeven having a child with another woman when they were together. “Despite everything that happened to Chloe’s Tristan’s romantic level, she will always love him as the father of her daughter,” said an EXCLUSIVE source close to KarJenners. HollywoodLife:.

“Chloe has been hurt by Tristan in the past, but she’s gone from the past, she just wants to focus on the positive, to do what is good for her. True“, – continued the source. “True’s celebration of True was important Father’s Day with her father և It will always be possible for Chloe to develop the bond they have with each other. “She has no feelings for Tristan, she’s been devoted to Troy’s dad this weekend.”

Chloe և Tristan was photographed spending time with their daughter և Chloe’s mother Chris JennerJune 18 և HL:The insider also gave some insight into their reunion, which took place on Father’s Day. “Chloe և Trun celebrated Father’s Day with Tristan this weekend, along with several other family members. They had a good rest and took Troy to his dance [recital]And then they went out to dinner, they just spent the day together as a family, “they revealed.

Chloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson True
Tristan Thompson and Chloe Kardashian hold hands with their 4-year-old daughter Troy (Photo: Broadimage / Shutterstock)

After the sweet meeting, another KarJenner insider spoke HollywoodLife: about Khloe branching out and dating again later trying to put it to work several times with an NBA star. “Chloe definitely considers herself lonely at the moment. However, he accidentally met և flirted with someone Chem: [Kardashian] tied him up, “the source said EXCLUSIVE has been revealed HollywoodLife:. “It’s not serious at all, he does not want to publish anything in public at the moment. They just started talking, texting, FaceTiming և, վել communicating a few weeks ago, but Chloe does not want to put so much pressure on things so early. He is open for dating, but he does not look active or anything like that. “

Before the news about Chloe’s mysterious man, he denied the rumors that he saw another NBA player. “It is definitely not right !!! I love you! Thank you for the nice wishes, but I do not see a soul, “he commented under a fan post, talking about how they want Chloe to be happy, to be treated correctly. “I’m happy to focus on my daughter և for a while.”

Time will tell what will happen to Chloe’s date. If anything, something is clear. His number one priority is to provide a friendly environment for True.

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