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Say something about me, say I love chocolate. I will gladly take it in the form of chips, tiles, cookies, milk, cookies, you see. When I can get it in the form of a cocktail, I’m a pretty happy camper. There is even talk, no, legend that every time I go to Vegas (something I try to do at least twice a year), I like to start every day Chocolate Martini. What about the end of the night? What about when it comes time to settle for something with the Bourbon family? We have a chocolate maple pecan cocktail for that.

Chocolate? Check.

Maple Check?

Pecan? Check.

Bourbon? You can double check it.

What I’m saying here is that this is the best chocolate pecan pie you’ve ever had, but in the form of a drink. Oh, և less insane. (Not that it’s not something with pecan pie, but for that you add the bittersweet chocolate to cut off that extra super sweetness.)

I will find out how my thinking went.

“Man, the holidays came and went again, and I did not get a piece of pecan pie. I do not want to bake a whole pie just because I’m eating a whole pie. Let’s see, can we not make a drink from it? ”

And that!

For this recipe, I used pecans infused with pecans. There are two ways for that. You can take pecan ուրբ bourbon, put them in a jar, put the mentioned jar in a cool dark place, և in two weeks you will have bacon infused with pecan. This is not a complicated offer, it will just take you fourteen long days to wait.

Or, you can do what I did. Infuse it with cream for quick injection. This works great if you have a cream-based device (one that sits on nitrogen, not just to go faster). In that case, you take your pecans, you take the bourbon, you pour it in the cream mixer, you close it, you add the nitrogen, you turn it for 30 seconds, you let it sit for two minutes, you deprive it of gas, then you pour it and squeeze it. final liquid. Total time is about four minutes.

It’s up to you, both methods work great, but that’s a difference of fourteen days for four minutes. If you do not already have a cream mixer, this is a great excuse to get one.

Now, with our pecan bourbon, we add the maple syrup (the darker, the richer, the tastier, the better), a little darker. cocoa cream, քիչ a little bitter chocolate. Yes, a damn fine drink after dinner, if ever!

Now for the chocolate maple pecan cocktail.

Chocolate Maple Pecan cocktail


Recipe type: Drinks:

Preparation time.

Cooking time.

Total time:

Serves. 1:

  • 2 ounces pecans soaked in bacon
  • An ounce of maple juice
  • Ounces of dark cocoa cream
  • Chocolate Bitters:
  • Type of glass: Old fashioned
  1. Make your own pecans.
  2. Seriously, just read the article, it’s not difficult.
  3. Then add the syrup, dark de cocoa cream, bitter cocktail on ice cocktails.
  4. Shake.
  5. Finish և relax at your counter և.
  6. Or wherever you rest your shocked cocktails.
  7. Take your antique cup.
  8. Put one large piece of ice.
  9. Or a few small ones.
  10. It really depends on you.
  11. Pour և squeeze your dessert cocktail on it.
  12. Enjoy your pie now.
  13. In the form of a drink.


January 19, 2018 |: By Morgan

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