“Christian Eriksen can get a statue if he stays in Brentford,” said Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is “convinced” that Brentford have the opportunity to keep Christian Eriksen after the summer, saying that the Danish footballer could have a statue outside the club’s stadium in two or three years if he stays in west London.

Eriksen, 30, joined Brentford in January on a six-month deal.

He had an immediate impact as Brentford won seven of Eriksen’s nine games, losing just once.

“I would like to say 100%, but I’m sure there is a good chance he can wear the Brentford shirt (after this season),” said Frank.

“I know I am optimistic, but I also picked up the phone and said. “Hey, you want to come to Brentford?” Six months ago no one thought about it. I am convinced that we will have an opportunity. “

Frank added that Eriksen is likely to stay in Brentford history if he stays at the club after this summer.

“Either he signs with us, ‘everyone will be happy,’ the fans will build a statue of him outside the stadium in two or three years,” Frank said. “We will all say thank you for this time, go ahead.”

Eriksen resumed his career with Brentford last summer after collapsing during a game against Denmark at Euro 2020.

He was given a cardioverter-defibrillator, a type of pacemaker, after suffering a heart attack in his homeland.

The heartbeat prevented Eriksen from resuming his career at Inter Milan.

Frank said. “He helped the team, he gave something to the fans that they had never seen at this level before. We helped him get back to his footballing life. ”

Before moving to Italy, Eriksen played for Tottenham, making a total of 305 appearances for the club, scoring 69 goals.

(Photo by James Williamson – AMA / Getty Images)

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