Colton Herta qualified for the Indy 500 when his car overturned during a recent training session

INDIANAPOLIS – Colton Hertha has just won a race in the Indianapolis 500, one of IndyCar’s best savers in recent years, but the 22-year-old Andreetti driver knew full well that he had won the race in the rain, even in the rain. The areas of the racing capital of the world meant very little.

But even he did not expect how cruel the gods of the race would be this past week, which ended with a car crash deep in Friday’s hydrocarbon practice on Friday, marking the last action of the track until 500pm on Sunday afternoon. he simply relaxed, following the Takuma Sato, entering the first turn, Hertha inserting it into the OTHER SAFE barrier, the car’s rotating torque, which rotated clockwise when it collided, raised its nose from the ground, sent the No. 26 Honda into the air. The car turned sideways, flew through the air, landed on a rotating ring, sliding to the stop between the 1st and 2nd turns of the southern road.

Even before his car stopped completely, Herta was telling his team on the radio: “Everything is fine,” he said. walk գալ get out of his initial assessment in infield care center.

“I am just fine. “I’m fine mentally, but it’s sad that the car broke down,” Herta said after leaving the care center. “I wish we had two cars ready, as before, because I would be fine to go back there.”

Saturday afternoon, Andretti Autosport took to Twitter on Saturday that Herta was “officially licensed by IndyCar Medical” to participate in the 500.

Dr. Jeffrey Billous, a senior member of the IndyCar medical team, explained that Friday’s series looked at his car’s speed data to determine if Herta needed a broader concussion test.

“The initial screening of his concussion was completely clear,” Bellows said.

Herta said he thought the impact on his car was between 60 and 70 Gs. At the start of the season, Jack Harvey had a major accident during his Texas internship, where he initially felt well, but when IndyCar received his speedometer data, he demanded a larger inspection. Early in the morning on the day of the race, his Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing team announced that Harvey would not be allowed to drive; he would be replaced in the race car by Santino Ferrucci, who happened to be at his current home in Dallas.

Even more than the blow, Hertha said, the worst part of such an accident was ending upside down.

“It just gets annoying because all the blood is already flowing around your body after being slapped so hard, especially in a hurry on your head, then when you hang upside down it gets worse, you just want to get out of the car,” he said. he: he said. “But it’s very impressive when you can get that kind of blow, while you’re still standing, well, without serious injuries or anything like that.”

Assuming he has the right to drive for Sunday’s 500, the focus on Hertha’s 26th team is now shifting to trying to build his own backup car. “It’s relatively easy mechanically,” team owner Michael Andreetti told IndyStar. Since they do not repair the crashed car, largely because of a slippery track’s damaged by Hertha’s turn, all it needs is for the Hertha’s company to land on Sunday. the engine from his crashed car. While the team was in the early stages of work after the accident, Andrei said he did not believe the engine needed to be replaced.

Even in the case of a spare car, whether it should undergo an engine change, IndyCar confirmed that the rule book states that it will still be allowed to start from its 25th place in the network (inside the 9th row).

“Unfortunately, the car was not subjected to the whole massage – things like that,” said Andretti. The crew jumped on the car so quickly that Herta was left out of the pit race because the spare car she would now drive for the Sunday 500 was the car she would use in a bracket style fight.

“We will find out on Sunday (if the new car still responds the same). I do not know, I hope there will be no change, but I will be surprised if it does not affect. I hate this, especially when they run there together. (Carbohydrate Day) You’re just waiting for something like this to happen. That’s terrible. “

Following Friday’s crash, Hertha’s team also had to struggle on Saturday qualifying weekend to change the engine after its car swerved during the warm-up of its initial run. Not recording time during the first round of the race, he came out in the ever-changing weather և could not control the top-20 run at a time when the other boys were also struggling to improve their position on the net.

Although Hertha did not roll over almost as many times on Friday, her crash is a bit like the 2006 crash of Michael’s father Mario at IMS, where his car was blown up and overturned. ends several times in the air. Andrei said that accidents like Hertha today, as horrible as they may seem, are not as disturbing as they were decades ago.

“I think you were really holding your breath then. Now, if they are seriously injured, it’s almost horrible, because cars are safer, like a SAFE-walled road. It feels better when it comes to. “By the time you saw it happen, you already knew it was going to be okay, or it seemed a little scary.”

Colton Herta crashed during 500 Carb Day training in Indianapolis.

Tony Canaan completed the fastest lap in 2 hours at 227,114 mph. They were next Marcus Erickson (227.004), Takuma Sato (226.839) և pole sitting Scott Dixon (226,696). Rinus VeeKay: They drove just 18 laps on Friday, while all other drivers covered at least 30 laps. Kalum Ilot He had the most with 68. IndyCar newcomer David Malukas crashes in 1st shift Earlier in Carb Day practice, when Santino Ferrucci cut him short, he made the first turn, sending a No. 18 Dale Coyne Racing car rolling into the outer wall.

To avoid contact, Ferrucci was delayed for 20 minutes on the stove.

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This article originally appeared in Indianapolis Star. Colton Hertha left the Indy 500 after a horrific practice crash

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