Conservatives support the “big replacement” disinfected version

Three years ago, when a white supremacist fanatic killed dozens of people in El Paso, Texas, they responded the law was an unconditional condemnation. When the other? A white fanatic killed 10 people Last week, one of the figures on the right in one of the supermarkets in the Black district of Buffalo, New York, reacted by admitting that the boy was thinking about this whole “replacement”.

There were large parts of the manifesto attributed to the Buffalo shooter is plagiarism El Paso’s shooter’s notes. Both share the premise that violence against non-whites is justified in preventing “white genocide” or “replacing” white Americans with non-white immigrants. According to Buffalo, the alleged shooter, he carried out the attack because “all blacks are replaced only by those in white countries.” I would like to explain how The blacks arrived in the United Statesbut who knows if the “critical theory of race” remains legitimate where you read this.

In recent years, Fox News has deliberately expanded the line of argument famous presenters like Thacker Carlson : Laura Ingrahem responding to its logic. Carlson, for example, said that “The Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters who are now voting, with new people, with more obedient voters from the Third World.” Ingraham insisted that the Democrats “want to replace you, the American electorate, with an ever-increasing number of newly amnestied citizens, a chain of migrants.” Carlson has been leading the conspiracy theory for years recently told his audience that “we are not yet sure what it is” before reaffirming its veracity.

This harmful ideology is now extremely prevalent in right-wing isolation without endangering the bitter conservative conflict, just as New York Writer Jonathan Chaith notes that right-wing media figures point out undertaken protection rationalization allegations that incited the shooter, while condemning the actual violence.

“So to find out that the left is arguing that demographics are destiny, that demographic change in America will inevitably lead to a progressive majority, it’s the Republicans who are repeating the theory of the Great Substitution.” whispered the conservative expert Ben Shapiro. National overviewEditor-in-Chief Rich Lowry assumed it was true that “Democrats want a higher level of immigration to change the national election.”

The idea of ​​American democracy is based on the promise of civic equality, which initially extended only to the elect. The major political conflicts in American history have been about extending that promise. The “White Genocide” or “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory is based on the ideological principle that some people should be excluded from that promise, or that spreading it to them would be a form of slavery for those whose promise was originally fulfilled. Because the threat of intruders, whether religious, racial or ethnic, is existential, it justifies violence in the form of murder, disenfranchisement or deprivation of property. The ideology of the great replacement is a special threat to democratic governance, as it argues that all categories of people can or should be excluded from democratic rights և protection. Any political case can theoretically inspire terrorism, but this one is not like the others in that what it demands from its targets is their non-existence.

Restrictive American Immigration 1916 Madison Grant published: Passing the big race, who argued that immigration was destroying America’s traditional “Anglo-Saxonpopulation և at the same time the tradition of self-government. Grant’s ideas were popular and influential. They were a stimulus Racist immigration laws passed in the 1920swhich sought to limit not only African-Asian immigration, but also the immigration of Eastern and Southern Europeans, who were genetically inferior to their northern European counterparts. Adolf Hitler cited these racist laws as inspirationbut on the right some growing nativist intellectuals now commonly call their abolition. big disaster.

There are two versions of the “substitute” conspiracy theory, but both have the same basic premise. The first hypothesis is that the secret Kabbalah (usually composed of Jews) promotes demographic change through immigration to the United States to replace its white population, which is the motive for mass murder. Pittsburgh, El Paso, and now Buffalo. The second is that liberals are pushing for demographic change in the United States through immigration to replace the white population. Both see America as fundamentally white, Christian, and thus establish not only a racial notion of citizenship, but a racial hierarchy that must be maintained if the true essence of America is to endure. The fact that these theories are now accepted by the descendants of some European immigrants whom Grant considered racially inferior may have shocked him, but it simply shows how arbitrarily and socially determined such categories are.

This theory of conspiracy has become so popular among the main figures of the Republican Party that the conservative elite can no longer unconditionally condemn it. Instead, some prominent Conservatives have chosen to defend it with disinfected eggs, arguing that the Democratic Party’s support for immigration reform is a conspiracy, like New York’s Elise Stefanick. put it in an ad last year“To overthrow our current electorate, to create a permanent liberal majority in Washington.” Pay attention to the idea that the “electorate” can “fail” by exceeding the voting, as if the electoral defeat of the Republicans, by definition, is illegitimate, especially if that victory makes it possible. wrong type of voters.

But all the hypotheses of this conspiracy theory are not only racist. they are also fake. The Democrats’s Republicans have at various times sought comprehensive immigration reform as a means of attracting Latin American-Asian-American voters, this is indirectly implied by the idea. that they must be defeated. George W. Bush tried to do that in 2006, but failed talk-radio rebellion; Barack Obama tried to pass the immigration reform bill, but failed because it was his aggravation Immigration’s deportation He did not bring the Republicans to the negotiating table. The Republicans briefly reconsidered the idea after losing the 2012 elections, and instead followed the path of Trumpism. As in the case of Obama, so is Biden’s decision leave many of Trump’s immigration policies has done nothing to quell conservative hysteria about “open borders.”

The argument that the growing non-white population is initially in favor of the Democrats is absurd in itself, because. Racial identities are no more fixed than political ones, The migration of the “white ethnicity” of the mid-20th century from the democratic column to the republican column as a subject lesson. If any Democrat or Republican believes that Demographic change significantly favors one side over the other, they are so stupid. For any Conservative who worries that immigration will lead to a permanent democratic government, I have some wonderful news. history has shown that this will never happen.

The 2020 election, if anything, showed the persuasiveness of voters like Donald Trump. Historical margins with Latin American voters In Florida և along the Rio Grande Valley. Those communities in Texas, for example, where? border police և: mining industries Employing a large number of residents, he would choose Trump instead of Joe Biden should not be surprising. These voters are no less rational or independent than whites, and Republican nativism is clearly not enough to make them a credible democratic force. They are not mysteriously protected from conservative arguments about religion, culture, economics or even immigration. In fact, many immigrants come to the United States sharing such territories. The hypothesis that the immigration reform will be an overwhelming good among such voters has been refuted. Trump defeated many of them by pursuing an immigration policy “Severe”, “ineffective”.

However, the Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory is as follows is now part of the mainstream republican streamas I warned would have been four years ago. Conservative elites under Trump’s administration could stay away from Trump as an individual while supporting his policies. But now that so many Republicans have embraced the idea, the conservative elite must find a way to make the combed version of this genocidal nonsense respectable. The strain of self-contained paranoia underscores the whole concept, the fear that when they are a minority, white people will be subject. revenge for the dark heads of American historypast, which is the states controlled by the Republicans trying to delete.

Liberals can do nothing to prevent the Conservatives from accepting the conspiracy theory other than forcing the Republicans to pay a political price for the ballot box. It would be much better to have prominent conservatives persuaded their friends reject this perverted ideology, not try to disinfect it for basic consumption. If their latest reaction to the Buffalo shooter is a guide, they have chosen a different path.

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