Cowboys Weekend News. Interview with Tyler Smith: Sean Peyton is preparing for war.

Last week was special for the cowboys, as the 2022 rookies first came out to practice with the launch of a mini rookie camp. Dallas has a number of fresh faces to look forward to this season, including defender Sam Williams, whom Dan Quinn wanted to coach from the moment they met during Ole Miss’s private training session. Tyler Smith adapts well to the NFL և his new left-back position և a number of free agents with no drafts have a real chance to reach. Cowboys this year’s list.

Or he may not be a newcomer, another newcomer to the Cowboys who has the potential to move on to play a significant role is a former Steelers: large scale James Washington. Washington was the addition of a low-risk veteran free agent, a signing style that cowboys have become accustomed to in recent years. It looks like Dallas is not in the free agency either, as reports have surfaced that the Cowboys are interested in a free agent’s previous first-round pick. Anthony Barr. Also more posts from the newcomer mini camp, training camp battles to watch, Sean Peyton potential war bidding, and more.

Dan Quinn gets his wish to coach Sam Williams :: The Mothership:


The Cowboys sent coaches to Ole Miss to train with Williams in advance, and defense coordinator Dan Quinn immediately hit the prospect of rushing it to the talented edge. After private training, Quinn told McCarthy that he would really like to coach Williams after all, և the assistant coach of the year 2021 got his wish when the Cowboys chose Williams by no. 56 general elections.

The Cowboys reject striker Chris Naggar. NBC Sports:


The Cowboys had to release one player in order to reach a maximum of 90 players for their off-season roster. That release eventually became one of Chris Naggar’s two Cowboys players. Free agent from Texas Tech Jonathan Garibey is the only player currently working for Dallas.

A look at the battles after the cowboy attack positions for the 2022 training camp. Blogging the Boys:


With the addition of a free agent, the Cowboys’s list is almost complete. With that in mind, Dan Rogers looks at each offensive position, noting where the training camp battle is possible, what positions are already in place.

Locked In – Cowboys Rookie Minicamp :: Dallas Cowboys (Twitter)

2022 NFL Schedule. Best game every week :: CBS Sports:


CBS Sports Jared Dubin presents the best game of the 18 weeks of the NFL regular season. The Cowboys have twice been selected as the best game (Saturday 10 @ Packers: և Week 16 vs. Eagles) և The best game of the seven weeks was taken into account.

The Cowboys’ 2022 application list will most likely include 4 unprocessed free agents. The Landry Hat:


The Cowboys have added a number of intriguing free agents who have the potential to influence their newcomers’ contracts at some point. Lauren Barash studies the UDFA class և names the top four contenders for the Cowboys list this year, including the official 30 Cowboys visitor, the Florida A&M Security Markquese Bell.

Notes. Punt Return Competition; High turning options :: The Mothership:


When Cedric Wilson left, և CeeDee Lamb: Stubbornly in the club’s No. 1 area, the Cowboys are looking for a new front-runner. Dallas Cowboys staff writer Rob Phillips details Mike McCarthy’s current vacancy, as well as other recent mini-camp posts.

Tyler Smith Cloakroom Mini Camp Interview :: Dallas Cowboys (YouTube)

Dallas Cowboys. Do not underestimate WR James Washington in 2022 :: Sport DFW:


James Washington has made an affordable deal with the Cowboys out of season, and Reid Hanson of Sport DFW believes Washington is a weapon that flies too far under the radar among Dallas fans. Hanson discusses Washington’s career to date, his potential role in the Cowboys’ high flight.

Will the Panthers, the Cowboys, enter a competitive war for former Saints HC Sean Peyton? :: Panthers Wire:


It’s no secret that Sean Peyton still has ties to Dallas, that Jerry Jones is likely to be interested in Peyton if he gets Mike McCarthy at the helm this season. It is now reported that the Panthers are also looking at the former Saints player, that the two clubs may fight for Peyton’s services in 2023.

Report. L.B. Anthony Barr has opted for a free agent option for cowboys, “if the price is right”. Blogging the Boys:


All indications are that the cowboys are adding a few veterans before the start of the season through a free agency. The latest name that Dallas is interested in at the right price. Former first-round pick պաշտպան Viking defender Anthony Barr.



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