Creating my outdoor living space with arsenic lace

Good. I’m going to start with the fact that I have never had an outdoor living space in my adult life. So I’m really excited to share the inspiration to create my outdoor living space. My deck! I have not yet come up with a clever name like I did in the past Corridor update or: Overhaul of the office. If you want to help me create a smart name, feel free to leave a comment below. Deck Dreams? lol, I do not know.

Like everyone else, I watched a lot during the lockout. Alias ​​Grace, Outlander, The Dublin Murders, Little Fires Everywhere, Handmaid’s Tale to name a few. I also watched a lot of music videos. I watched the entire catalog of Dwight Yoakam music videos. I’ve also watched many episodes of The Buck Owens Show. So do not be surprised when I tell you that the color palette was inspired by Buck Owens և’s The Buckaroos’s 1966 western costume. That’s right. I have problems. Pink, white և s և all.

I made two design boards for the living room and dining area. This is the first time I thought this was a bold color, but I really liked the look. Thank you Yard.

Here are some photos before.

I would really like to put some outdoor curtains to cover the back wall that separates the deck from my bed. It will also allow me to hang some plants from the curtain rod. I was looking for some options և it seems possible. If I cover the brown wall with white curtains, everything will look a little more cohesive and bright, because I can not repaint the deck.

The Living Space:

Here’s my main inspiration for the deck, which will be the living space. It’s obviously a different color palette, but roughly how I imagine the setting. AND MANY PLANTS. YES Large sofa և two decks that actually came from the design of my old living room. I liked the style, so I bought them and used them indoors, but now they save me a little money because I no longer have to buy chairs.

I went back and forth whether I was going to have a big coffee table or two smaller ones. But I went with two metal chairs because I liked the option of moving them as needed. The perfect shade to tie to the chairs at the end of the dining room. That pink / terracotta rug is everything. Chicken pox to add texture քաշ to remove carpet jute from the dining room.

Creating my outdoor living space

There is a crack in the windows, which leaves a small wall between the living room. I imagine it’s a good cart area. WITH MORE PLANTS.

Creating my outdoor living space
Creating my outdoor living space

More before the photos.

Dining room

Here’s my inspiration for the dining room. I like to leave the house in this area as an extension of the existing dining room in the house. I dream of having my coffee here in the morning. I liked the idea of ​​four main chairs that matched two matching end chairs. So I went for the pink metal chairs for the main chairs և the rattan chairs for the edges. A plain open wooden table rug to put it all together. ALSO MORE PLANTS.

All items related to the bottom, Pinterest board here: : I can not wait to continue updating you on my outdoor living process.

  1. Fate
  2. Carpet:
  3. Luta ottoman
  4. Flat chairs
  5. Metal side tables
  6. Bar basket
  7. Tree planting
  8. Tree planting
  9. Dining table
  10. Jute carpet
  11. Pink metal chair
  12. Black Rattan chair

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