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Supply chain issues have recently forced all sorts of bar adjustments. But at Bottle Club Pub, a medieval American-themed bar on the outskirts of San Francisco’s Union Square, import delays have led to a classic luxury reef. Golden Cadillac cocktail that: Solid gold Cadillac.

“It all started as a joke,” recalls Jason Wilde, project manager for the Bottle Club project, which opened in mid-March. While the classic version of the dessert drink required equal portions of Galliano and cocoa cream, the bar had a hard time getting the Galliano bottles to open on time. So Wilde turned to another grassy shade, Italian herbal liqueur Strega.

Drink during the seminar Sam Millerwho was working at the Bottle Club’s Pagan Idol brothers’ bar at the time, “I joked. “We have. Witch“Let’s use it,” Wilde recalls. “We did not take it very seriously. But we just looked at each other and said: “This will work.” Fortunately, Strega saffron and spices went well with cocoa cream.

Wilde had always planned to include the Golden Cadillac in his list of pub opening drinks, designed as a familiar, affordable companion to American convenience foods such as burgers and fried chicken.

“I’m from Sacramento,” Wilde explains. “El Dorado Hills is close to where I’m from,” said Poor Red’s Bar-BQ, a roadside bar that claims to have built the original 1952 Golden Cadillac.

However, the standard Golden Cadillac recipe is often dull. Striving for more than medieval kitsch, the bar, complete with a collection of vintage ceramic whiskeys, a charming rotating display case that gently moves the bottles back from the top shelves to eye level, knew that the elevated version of the classic was fine.

Even with the solution of the vegetable liqueur component of the drink, the texture was still problematic. Poor Red’s original Golden Cadillac used ice cream, but Wilde was looking for something more filling. Most of the layers replace the cream or half-size, but this results in a “loose, watery, non-irritating texture” that even a strong shake can not save, according to Wilde. “Drinks made with this approach give it a ‘very sweet, no-nuanced flavor,'” he says.

The solution was placed somewhere in the middle, a mixture of two parts of melted French vanilla ice cream mixed with one part of ordinary cream. Flash-fusion The Hamilton Beach blender blend, Wilde notes, “hits the ice cream fat, giving it a nice, creamy texture.”

Freshly grated nutmeg binds the drink in response to Strega spices, slightly drying the aroma. “It feels like an egg,” Wilde said.

Improving the melted ice cream mix, Wilde is now considering using it for other creamy classics, such as Locust or: Pink squirrel. “It opened our eyes,” Wilde said. “The texture is wonderful.”

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