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Regional vacation?

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Peaceful flight involves not thinking too much.

If you spend any time in a huge metal pipe 36,000 feet in the air, you will not sit back and relax.

If you spend any time thinking about whether the plane was serviced properly, you can not be at peace.

And if you think about where the pilots were last night, your nerves may be shaken.

You get on a plane and you trust that everything will be fine.

However, the current concern is that there are not enough pilots. Every commercial airline is looking for more, but their training takes time; most of these trained pilots have to spend 1,500 hours in the air.

Now Republic Airways: applied to the Federal Aviation Administration to reduce that number to get an exception. In the middle.

You may not be familiar with Republic, but it is responsible for regional flights under the auspices of United, Delta և America Airlines.

So when you book a flight with one of these airlines, you can actually be on a Republic plane.

The Republic now seeks permission to reduce the number of hours required for future officers through its Limited Airline pilot program. This, insists“Will provide benefits և strict curriculum և structure for military training.”

The republic relies heavily on its idea of ​​promoting diversity. In particular, it is said that it will enable those who do not have the financial means or academic qualifications to become pilots with the current system.

I feel that some customers, however, may be concerned. If you know your pilot has only reached half of the previously required hours, alarm will be inevitable.

To which the “Republic” responds that its new training program “will not have any negative impact on security, it will provide a higher level of security.”

However, you might wonder why 1500 hours became standard. Is it like some fabulous 10,000 steps to staying healthy?

It was introduced in 2013 as a response In 2009, a plane crashed while flying to the regional airline Colgan Air. The captain was accused of failing to respond to further investigation showed that his training could be insufficient. 50 people died as a result of the accident.

Prior to this rule, qualifying as a first officer required simply having a commercial pilot license. It took only 250 hours in the sky.

Currently, many aspiring pilots receive their qualifications from commercial flight schools. Many become flight instructors to increase their hours. Others fly crop vacuum cleaners, airplanes carrying attractive posters.

Republic claims that its training will be more intense, more convenient for flying a commercial airliner.

Other countries do not have the same strict rules as the United States. In Europe, for example, commercial pilots can fly up to 200 hours.

But at the heart of the problem is that during the epidemic, airlines offered very old pilots to retire early. 4400 left, which allowed the airlines to receive state money. Now that the business is back on track, they have neither pilots nor coaches who can fly more flights.

And where do the big airlines hire their pilots? Why, many of them come from regional airlines.

Many people know that it is unlikely that the FAA will join the Republic’s mediation. Flight safety has again become a contentious issue Two Boeing 737 Max planes crashed in 2018 և 2019.

However, if the Republic succeeded in any way, some leaders would certainly be deeply concerned. Afterwards, many expressed deep concern about Max before returning to the air.

These days, I suspect many people do not even think about it when they are on Max. They are too busy wondering if they will reach their destination on time.

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