Dashfire canned cocktails

Fire fire He has been making bitter cocktails for several years, and now he has entered the ready-made cocktail area with some canned drinks, which you just freeze and fill.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the simple cocktails, which are as simple as they seem. There is no possibility of user error here, բան there is nothing to fear. Now, the philosophical side of this. The general aspect of making joint cocktails should not be overestimated; Having packed cocktails for the occasion, such as a tail party or a hike, is the perfect option for Dashfire canned cocktails.

How do they taste? The recipes are unique, you should definitely try them. White Russian, for example, Tea is white Russian. Martin’s lemon և lavender (օ uses vodka as a base). I mentioned that the drinks that usually use vermouth (Martini, Manhattan) are used by Sherry instead. I drank most of it on ice, but from the jar, what would you probably do on a camping trip?

At retail, Dashfire cocktails cost $ 4.99 per jar (100 ml); they are available in 6 packs.

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