David Tennant և Catherine Tate to return to Doctor Who’s 60th birthday

David Tennant և Catherine Tate will return The doctor who? during the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the long show, The BBC reported (via: Gizmodo:): The couple is currently filming scenes that are scheduled to air in 2023.

Tennant was filmed as: The doctor who?The tenth doctor in 2005-2010, while Tate played Donna Noble, the Doctor’s companion. The fans’ favorite doctor has previously reappeared with the BBC bringing back Tenant և Billy Piper (Rose Tyler) for: The doctor who?A special event for the 50th anniversary of 2013, called “Doctor’s Day”. But now, Tennant is going to be back in a decade.

We do not know what plot or mechanism will bring Time Lord և Noble. Russell T. Davis, who served as: The doctor who?During the tenth doctor run, the host will also repeat his role in the upcoming part of the show. Davis does not give us any specifics on how the two will be reunited, but instead offers a number of possibilities.

They are back. And it seems impossible. First we announce the new doctor, and then with the old doctor, together with the wonderful Donna, what is happening on earth? Maybe this is a missing story. Or a parallel world? Or a dream, or a trick, or a flashback. The only thing I can confirm is that it will be impressive as our two biggest stars reunite for the battle of life.

Earlier this month, the BBC announced that: Comrade Gatvan will play The doctor who?The fourteenth doctor, replacing Jody Whitaker. Gatwa is set to make his TV debut later this year on the 100th anniversary of the BBC. We have to wait and see what role he will play in the episode with the return of Tenant.

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