Desert Rose + powdered garnish.

Desert rose LALA

I like to make a bubble-based recipe for auspicious occasions, but this blog’s five-year anniversary came and went without my notice. Let’s fix everything with a delicious cocktail I designed to open a restaurant that never was (eh, thank you Corona). Well that’s it did in the end, but not as we had hoped. It’s a long story * but mostly Jack’s BBQ is now an (excellent) barbecue բար sports bar specializing in beer և bourbon instead of the classic Middle Eastern-themed cuisine, which is really about the cunning cocktails you create. Which brings us to the desert rose. It is convenient to have a bubble-based cocktail for larger groups and events, which is easy to prepare but gives a hint of the institution’s vision. The rose is the main flavor of the Middle East, but it is rarely used in Western recipes, I doubled its pleasant taste and aroma in the Desert Rose. Now you can just use the rose water, which can be found in virtually every grocery store in the Middle East (although some are more fragrant than others), but there is a way to enhance the taste of that rose a little more if you are the type who wants it. to make your drinks really shiny. And we are: – right? Cool. Thus.

A mixture of roses.

Put your hands on a dried rose petals – It is often called “rose tea”. They are pink with “light” feathers, but they are full of fragrance, and those from Iran are usually the best. You do no That’s why I want those who are still in their infancy. We are going to process these pink flakes in two ways. First we make rose tincture by soaking half a glass (120 ml) of rose petals in one glass (240 ml) of vodka (50% abv is desirable, but if using 40%, prolong the tincture a little) by shaking for at least 3 days a day. Squeeze with a coffee filter or fine sieve, gently squeezing in with a spoon to remove the pink kindness. Then I mix this tincture with 50:50 commercial rose water to get the best of both worlds and call the result “a mixture of roses”. The mixture may become cloudy, but it is simply a harmless membrane that attaches quickly. it will be stored for months without a refrigerator. Yes, you can just use commercial rose water on your own, but adding the tincture gives it a more natural flavor (the former can taste a little “artificial” on its own) և Refreshing is not really that difficult, especially. because in any case you need rose petals to create something amazing.

Rose dust.

Now, as we mingle with those poor rose petals, I’ll show you one handy trick. At first I sprinkled a few dried rose petals on the drink as a garnish, but they tended to stick to your lips and teeth, which is a little annoying. At one point, I tossed a handful of spice grinder ** եցի and rolled it into fine powder. The powder is best spread through a container, such as a caterpillar pepper or cocoa powder, with very fine holes in the cap directly onto the finished drink, where the aroma strikes the guest like a pink kiss և swallows the powder with the addition of a cocktail. it tastes like a drink, instead it sticks to pearly whites. The first time I opened my rosette, the chef exclaimed: It turns out that powdered dried flowers are a very easy, but visually impressive decoration. The same trick works for hibiscus “tea” միջոցով, probably with a number of other ingredients based on dried flowers that I have not tried yet. You can sprinkle as much as you want և I was quite heavy for the picture above, but lighter և The powder is also quite classic, giving a kind of gold dust glaze that may be more suitable for other cocktails where you too you do not want to add. very rose flavor.

Desert rose.

There is nothing more than the fact that lemon, rose and pomegranate *** give the desert rose the taste of a delicious but sparkling Turkish drink. If you are serving more than a few guests, pre-mix the first three ingredients և Use one ounce of hair per drink.

Desert rose.

It is cut in frozen champagne for the following:

0.5 ounces (15 ml) of fresh lemon juice.

0.5 ounces (15 ml) of grenadine syrup (made from pomegranate juice).

1 teaspoon (5 ml) of rose mixture (see text) or rose water.

Add 4-50 g (120-150 ml) of dry sparkling wine, such as clay.

Gently sprinkle with rose powder (see text).

Toast: Sting և Cheb Mom.

* Which includes the first Corona block to come literally the day before our opening!

** Often sold as a coffee grinder, but mostly a small jarless blender with a high-speed rotating blade. Not expensive և IMHO: essential but: never use for coffee.

*** As long as you use the appropriate pomegranate-based grenade, it is advisable homemade one.

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