Disney Plus has added nearly 8 million new subscribers as Netflix struggles

Disney added 7.9 million new subscribers to its Disney Plus streaming service in the first three months of 2022, the company said in a statement. 2nd quarter earnings report on Wednesday. That’s about 87.6 million people worldwide, not counting the 50.1 million people who subscribe to the Disney Plus Hotstar international network. In the US և Canada alone, Disney Plus now has 7.1 million more subscribers than 44.4 million a year ago.

The company also said that the number of subscribers to all of its streaming offerings, including Hulu and ESPN Plus, has grown to 205 million, up from 196.4 million. reported in January.

This is better news than Netflix recently had. Last month, the streaming company announced that it had lost 200,000 subscribers compared to the previous quarter, its first decline in more than a decade. It is also growing faster than the HBO and HBO Max that were reported 3 million new subscribers in the last quarter (With around 77 million total customers, HBO still lags far behind Disney). It should be noted that Netflix still has about 222 million subscribers.

Of course, all of these companies perform better than CNN Plus, which started և folded in a few weeks.

Disney also reports that it earns more per Disney Plus subscriber than ever before, at least in the United States. Where once the average monthly income of a paid subscriber was $ 6.01, now it is $ 6.32. Disney says this is due to “an increase in retail prices due to a lower mix of wholesale subscribers.”

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Disney says this is due to the high cost of production, advertising and technology. Those costs are unlikely to go down, և price increases, as Netflix did, can interrupt the growth of its subscribers. All of this together shows why Disney looks at creating ad-supported levels sooner rather than later.

The last interesting note is just above Disney’s revenue. The company notes that its revenue growth has taken place despite the fact that it has waived $ 1 billion in revenue to terminate the customer’s license agreement for movies and TV content to use the content on its own streaming services. The report did not say which Disney customers the deal was with, but the company was clearly ready to take a big hit. something On Disney Plus. Variety և: The Hollywood Reporter: It was supposed to be about Marvel shows have been on Netflix – before they are sharp moved to Disney Plus in March.

Disney did not respond immediately The Verge:Request for transaction details.

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