Do you really need an artist’s tape?

I paint the walls of my apartment so often that people often mistakenly think I am like: to paint Let me clarify, I do not like to paint. I find it one of the most tedious tasks of home improvement, as it requires a ton of preparation, special tools, to get the furniture in order before it is finished. What I really like about it is that it can easily change the atmosphere of my home, և painting, while irritating, is still one of the easiest (և cost-effective!) Ways to do it.

However, everyone has their own painting preferences; many people will swear from top to bottom that you need to tape off the last part of your house, while others say that tape is a waste of time.

So what is it? Answer: it depends.

It is required to fasten everything with adhesive tape before painting a lot in the foreground, but many will argue that it’s worth it to get the exact result you want. The other basic method of obtaining a clear line is “cutting”, which uses an angle brush loaded with paint to carefully dig into the straight edge. This is for professional artists because the process of lowering it is much faster than using tape.

Personally, I have found that the tape does not always work the way I want it to. I’ve burned a lot of times when the dark color flows over the original white walls, so I usually use a ribbon hybrid: cutter.

Advantages of the tape:

  • You can get a super straight line if you draw a mural or half a wall.
  • Surfaces you do not want to paint are mostly protected.
  • A strangely satisfying attempt to clean the tape to reveal a clean line.

Against the tape

  • It requires turning off at first long time: must be accurate.
  • If you use less than one brand of tape, your paint will probably bleed.
  • Even if you use the tape of the best artist in the world, there will probably be some drawbacks.

Advantages of cutting:

  • There is no real preparation. just fill the brush with paint և go.
  • You can enter all the random corners that the paint roller can not.
  • It’s meditative when you get it.

Cutting defects

  • Requires a little practice։ patience.
  • At first you may find that your hand is not stable enough to have a super clean line, but practice will help.

As before drawing the tape

There are some places in your home where you will want to use tape, especially if you are a beginner. Personally, I always glue the corners where the two walls meet, if I only paint one of those walls, on the cabinets և appliances that stick to the wall, և sometimes on the door decoration, when there is a very small corner between the cladding և between the walls և :

In: high: recommend investing Frog ribbon, which is the most popular personal և industry brand than any other brand. is known for how clearly you can get lines. But even Frog Tape can use a little insurance (because the walls are rough and the paint tends to bleed) where your original color is comfortable. When you have cut everything with adhesive tape, paint a line of the original paint color on the tape. This acts as a seal between the new paint color and the “old color”, so what bleeds under the tape is actually the original color. Always stick the tape at a 90 degree angle while the paint is still wet.

How to cut?

I cut most of the ceilings, decors and outlets with a paint brush. There is certainly nothing wrong with using tape around these areas, so if you are unsure of your abilities, be sure to spend extra time on the tape.

Cutting is a simple process, but it really takes practice to nail it, as does a high-quality angle paint brush that is easy to hold. The good news is that excellent paint brushes should not break the shore.My favorite brush is this little Wooster it is strong: fits perfectly in my hand. I also like to use a paint cup with a handle for loading and unloading paint; This one Comes with a handy magnet to hold your brush in place when not in use.

I would recommend watching some YouTube videos on how to cut This one or: This oneև engage in an area that you are either about to repaint or do not mind. The main idea is the following. Fill the paint brush with the paint, unload the excess և then press the corner brush as you go to push the paint in a straight line, face or corner. Start a few inches from the edge և slowly approach a clear line, refilling the brush frequently to allow the paint to roll smoothly. Some painters also first wet the brush with water to protect the brushes, painting a little thinner for a smoother brush stroke.

A few other options

There is a hacker for everything, including drawing, so it is not surprising that there are tools for drawing straight lines or borders without tying tape. or: I have not tried these methods myself, but they look pretty good. For equipment around walls or decoration, this guide to paints acts as a barrier with an added bonus when you finish the straight line, or I guess this is best for small spaces.

There is a very cool product for window decorating called: Mask “peel” which you apply on the borders և windows where they overlap, let it dry, then paint on it without any effort to create straight lines. Then, when the paint is dry, use a razor to shave the window և contour over, և clean the product to find the perfect clean lines.

So are you a team tape or a team cutter? Let us know in the comments!

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