Dolores Catania. “There was no good reason” for Teresa’s engagement party

Dolores Catania claims that “there was no good reason” that she was not invited to Theresa Judis’ engagement party.

“I would be lying if I said it did not happen [hurt] on some level, “the 51-year-old star of” Real Housewives of New Jersey “told Page Six exclusively. “Not being invited should not hurt me, okay?” So I’m going to remind myself of that when these things happen. “I’m a human being, but I’m throwing it away. I’m looking good.”

The first part said in advance The 12th reunion of the “RHONJ” season Catania did not receive an invitation to the December 2021 celebration because she and her ex-boyfriend David Princip were not on a “double date” with Judis’s 49-year-old son-in-law, Luis “Louis” Rouellas.

But in a recent interview The Slut Pig Podcast Judis revealed that Catania, who? moved with Irish businessman Paul Connell after: parting from Princip last year – was not invited due to Bravolebrity An obvious quarrel with Dina Manzo, a New Jersey student.

Catania's pains
In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Dolores Catania shared her thoughts on Theresa Judis’s engagement party.
Page Six

Manzo, 51, attended the party, as did current Judis actress Jennifer Aydin and his daughter-in-law, Melissa Gorgan.

“I talked to Teresa about it,” he said. “You know, I do not know why I said that.” Whatever the reason, should there be a reason? “No,” he said. “There was no good reason for me, whether it was Dina or we did not go out in pairs.”

Whether or not he and 50-year-old Manzo speak otherwise, Catania insists they “never had an argument.”

Luis Rouellas և Theresa Judis
Judis celebrated her engagement to Luis “Louis” Rouellas in December 2021.
teresagiudice / Instagram:

“Sometimes companies have expiration dates. There is no reason or reason why two people should always stay in each other’s lives. “You do not have to fight to go your separate ways,” he explains.

“He moved to California, I’m here for the show, he’s not. He was on the show long before he moved to California, and I was not, I was doing different things. I was on a different journey than he was, our company did not stay together. But we did not have a fight. “

Catania believes Manzo lost his life when he fled the West Bank years ago from the state of Garden.

Theresa Judis, Jacqueline Laurita, Carolyn Manzo և Dina Manzo
Judis remained close to Dina Manzo, while Catania befriended Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita.

“I was a part of Dinah’s life that she was here, so it was something I felt she wanted to leave that she did. That is my guess, ”he continues. “He moved from his life, I was a part of it. Understandable կան understandable. Again, I’m not offended. “

However, Catania does not seem to be interested in re-establishing friendship with Manzo.

“I think we are different,” he said. “I’m not saying I’m not good for her, her husband Dave [Cantin]. I saw them at Theresa’s mother’s funeral. “I saw them at his niece’s wedding,” he says. “We talked. I met Dave. “

Theresa Judis և Dolores Catania
Judis and Catania have been friends for decades.
Getty Images:

Then Catania will see Manzo և Cantini with 46-year-old Ruelas at the last wedding of Judis’s summer, where he plans to keep everything to heart. in the same room. “

RHONJ women have long been associated with complex dynamics. Judis is close to Manzo. Judith even confirmed this in the Slut Pig podcast Manzo is at his wedding partywhile Catania և Gorgan, 42, did not ask.

At the same time, Catania has a friendship with Dina’s sister, former actress Caroline Manzo, who is famous. does not accept Judis. As for the Manzo sisters, they are now alienated.

Dolores Catania և Paul Connell
Catania is currently meeting with Irish businessman Paul Connell.
pain / Instagram:

“It’s like diplomatic immunity. [Teresa] “I have a strong friendship for a long time that these things will not hurt,” Catania told Page Six. “We agreed that they would not do it. Sometimes we can fight, we can go out, we can be fine the next day. That’s how we are as friends. “

The second part of the 12th season of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” will be broadcast tonight at 8 pm on ET Bravo.

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