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When it comes to men’s fashion, there are certain rules that must be followed, after all, if the devil is in the details, we want to be the most beautiful devils, right?

I started this “Dressiquete” section of the blog from the very beginning, almost 6 years ago, as a way to find out the basic rules of men’s fashion, to provide some of us (yes, myself included) with some basic basics that will satisfy ourselves. After all, you can not start breaking those rules before you know it. Many of them were really badly written, the pictures were embarrassing (remember it was 6 years ago), so I decided to do a jazz with a little more detail and better pictures. So here is the first one.

Before continuing, let me clarify that these are NOT MY rules, I have never invented them, many of them do not have a recorded history. Like a good brownie recipe, I doubt they have been passed down from generation to generation. Whether you cling to them or not is up to you, but let’s try to make sure our generation is not the first to forget them.

Aristocrat-B & T- (265-735)I think it was Oscar Wilde who announced “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life”. Now, to be fair, that man was a poet, so he had a say in words, but he was also an original playboy, so I see no reason why we should not believe him. The question is, “Why do so many men struggle with their ties?” I’m not even talking about tie-knit shirts, I’m talking about something much more basic. The length.

The decision on this is quite simple. Ties the button to the button – your tie should cover the top of your collar և the button of your pants. Now, if your pants do not have a button, this should be fairly straightforward. That said, if you wear a tie with pants (or a button-down button without pants), length is not your problem, the bigger it is for you. For those who strive for ultimate accuracy, the widest part of the tie should hang at the same height as the top edge of your belt, leaving the hem hanging somewhere in the middle. There is, of course, some freedom here, not much, but some. When in doubt, go longer than short, I generally like the end of my tie since July cover my belt. If you prefer a little shorter, just make sure the end of the tie at least touches the clasp on your belt, please (I hate shorts for pets).

The above applies to straight-knit ties as well as knitted ties (where the widest part is the edge) և should at least touch the buckle of your belt.

MVMT --- Random-2- (82 -171)MVMT --- Random-2- (139 -171)

Now, this rule may be clear, but it is not always easy to do it right – it will definitely require a little practice. Be prepared for a bit of frustration, different lengths of ties, fabrics և knots will all play a role in ensuring the perfect length from button to button. Remember, if it does not work at first, CONNECT, CONNECT again !!

Good. Stay fantastic.

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tie և square Aristocrat Bows N ties

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Pants starting River Island

Look 2:

Sunglasses Freyrs Glasses:

tie և square Necktie bar

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Starting with the shirt Charles Terwitt

Pants starting River Island

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