Dressiquette – Your socks should match your pants

Oddly enough, there is a lot of debate about whether your socks should fit your shoes or whether they should fit your pants. Now, before I start, I know there is a lot of freedom in choosing a pair of socks. Some men choose to turn on the lights with brightly colored socks, while some prefer to make announcements with hot dog-like socks, while others (including me) prefer to give up socks altogether and flutter those ankles all year round. We will achieve that in just a moment.

This post is more about tradition. The “right” way to put on your socks is to find yourself in a situation where hot dog socks are embarrassing, which is really more the case than with a hot dog cart. Thus, after much research and much disagreement, it turns out that there is no simple answer. Surprise. However, I am glad to say that there is a general consensus “Your socks should fit your pants.” Here you have it. Feel free to stop reading now if you are just looking for a quick answer.

Gray-pants - Gray-socks- (landscape)

The thinking underlying this rule is quite simple. All you are really trying to do is make a smooth transition from the hem of your pants to your shoe so that you do not create an ugly break in color as your pants sway towards your overall sash. This is the primary rule: should really be applied where possible. In situations where you jumped out և picked up a pair of pants but could not find the right socks, feel free to pair your socks with your shoes.

My personal advice is that if you do not go to some incredible place (such as tea with the queen of her majesty), I would completely abandon this rule. The formal event, however, will require pants or shoes, so in the end, it makes no sense. If you start to enforce the match rule, your outfit can end up just as sloppy as the gray blur on top.

Blue pants - purple socksBlue-pants-purple-socks- (landscape)

If you’re going to insist on socks, try having fun with them. No, I do not leave hot dog socks. You should never confuse novelty with entertainment. As a general rule, I suggest staying away from novelties: socks, ties, butterfly ties, square pockets, etc.

Having fun with your socks just means not taking the above rule too seriously. Let the break in your pants և shoes slightly convey your personality. In my opinion, a solid color takes much longer to make announcements than an example ever! However, you can kill 2 birds with one sock by choosing something that will bring a little more fun to the sock. I took the socks from above Paul Smith A few years ago, և they are still my visit when I decide to wear socks, which is really not often 🙂

Final tip. If you’re going to break the rule, break it hard. Make sure you create enough contrast between your socks (pants (or shoes)) to make the choice seem purposeful. If the color or shade is too close to anyone, it seems like you are trying to match them վել failed, so make a mistake here. Hey, ALWAYS make mistakes when it comes to dressing! You know life is short.

No socksNon-hose- (landscape)

If you want to avoid the hassle of socks, I would strongly recommend my personal favorite, the ankle… or “European sock” as I call it. Those of you who follow our Instagram feed will already know that I’m not ashamed to show a little skin around my ankles, and wearing socks is often the exception to the rule, or the exception to the rule, I never know. that difference.

There’s just something wrong with that skin type that makes your business look ugly. It removes the edge: brings nonsense, which shows that you do not take yourself too seriously, no matter how perfect your outfit. I criticize a lot for this on Instagram… but it’s mostly from people who post pictures of crossword puzzles so that it does not bother me too much. We’re not here to match, are we?

The secret of good European socks is, in fact, good secret socks. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. I’m always looking for good secret socks և so far I have found it A pair of thieves is some of the best (do not worry, they do not pay me to say that). You need to buy non-slip socks, not low-cut socks or training socks, the slightest display of socks will spoil the whole look. This is especially true when wearing loafers, as they usually have a lower cut and tend to look sideways. As for the loafers, I found that women’s socks (yes, I said that, I wear women’s socks) work best, they are usually very low-cut, so they are almost invisible. I chose. In the UK Primark with some amazing footnotes և they are the absolute winner.

Last tip for those European socks, do not make my mistake և buy the cheapest socks you can find. As my father always says. “You go cheap, you go twice.” Buy quality cotton socks that breathe և soles are loaded. You will also want to pick up something with a non-slip rubber sole on the heel so that your socks do not slip into your shoes. Trust me on this.

Well, who would have thought that there is so much to know about socks?

Good. Stay luxurious.

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