Drink of the week. three trees of sesame almond milk

True, the use of my personal dairy products is obsolete. I usually keep no more than one liter of regular cow’s milk in my fridge to sprinkle with coffee. But sometimes I like the taste of almond milk for a batch of granola, smoothie or rice pudding. And while the options on the market shelves are really shocking, the three trees Almond sesame milk immediately caught my eye. Not only is this one of my favorite flavors, it’s a combination I have never seen before.

In us May-June issueJohn Kessler is studying The current landscape of the dairy industry. From the early stages of soy milk flowering to the 2011 almond milk boom to the 2018 oat milk avalanche (և further shortfall), the alt-milk market must be taken into account. And it is projected to grow to $ 50 billion by 2028.

Without a lack of competition, Three Trees aims for delicious simplicity. The San Francisco-based company refuses to use condensers or stabilizers in their walnut կաթ seed milk. The result is a fresh, nutty taste. Sesame seeds are a complication of some toasts, and the palm is quite sweet. The muddy, gray color of the milk made me laugh, but the creamy consistency ր sweet, the nutty taste was practically smooth by itself և quickly attracted me. Even a splash of my coffee was nice, adding a subtle taste. $ 41.94 / 6 28 ounces. bottles threetrees.com:

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