Drinks of the week: Nguyen coffee delivery Dark Roast

When: Sahra Nguyen Nguyen Coffee Supply launched in late 2018, the concept was surprisingly new. Despite the growing popularity of Vietnamese cuisine և Vietnamese style coffee drinksReal Vietnam coffee beans were not the focus of cafe menus or market shelves. This is despite the fact that Vietnam is one of the largest producers of coffee, second only to Brazil. Disconnection comes from the type of coffee sold. Although most of the beans sold as specialty coffee are Arabica, in Vietnam they grow mainly robusta, which has long been used as a commercial coffee.

Nguyen set out not only to prove how delicious robusta beans can be, but also to restore the reputation of Vietnamese coffee. Today, through direct commercial cooperation with family farms in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Nguyen Coffee Supply receives Arabica-Robusta beans, all of which are grown at a facility in Brooklyn. The company has just released a a trio of dark roasted coffees100% Arabica (Dalat), 100% Robusta (Hanoi) or a mixture of both (Saigon).

Nguyen, who also serves as the chief failer, tested 12 different frying profiles to gather the ideal characteristics. The resulting dark roasted coffee emphasizes the deep, bold flavors of cocoa, tobacco, hazelnut, with jasmine-blackberry elegance. Coffee translates deliciously to any method of preparation (I made a number-end in my Chemex). But Nguyen Coffee Supply also recommends trying a traditional, slow-cooking method. Fin filter. New barbecues are available in the form of a trio. So keep’s trying to taste what Vietnamese coffee really might be like. $ 48 / triple or $ 16-18 / 12 oz. bag nguyencoffeesupply.com:

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