Early resolution of dyslexia changes brain neuropathy for the better, says special education specialist

NEW YORK – Says special education specialists New York’s plan to better diagnose and treat dyslexia It can be a life-changing experience for students if done right.

Lawyers say it could help thousands reach their full potential, CBS2 correspondent Tony Ayelo said on Thursday.

“I was diagnosed in the third grade,” said lawyer Ptahra Jeppe. “Even in seventh grade I was reading at the second grade level … I can now identify some words that a fourth grader can.”

These efforts are very, very personal for Jeppe, who said that those of us who easily navigate our print world can only imagine how dyslexics see և struggle.

“I came home crying every night. I told my mother. “Mom, I know I’m smart. “I may be the smartest kid in my class, but I just can’t read.” “It was a journey,” said Jeppe.

Like: Mayor Eric AdamsJeppe was born and went to school Brooklyn. She strongly supports her program to better identify and educate children with dyslexia.

The mayor and the school principal announce a dyslexia screening program


“The power of early detection is enormous, not to mention the tools of intervention. Does life change? ” Jeppe said.

Adams was diagnosed with dyslexia before college, after struggling for years without the intervention and resources he needed.

“It’s a traumatic experience, it’s not just an academic achievement. “This is an emotional, psychological achievement,” Adams said on Thursday.

From next school year, students in New York’s public schools will be screened for dyslexia, with a special focus on elementary and middle schools.

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“Early detection of dyslexia is very important,” said Carrie Lynn, a special education expert at White Plains Schools. New York Citywill implement display of dyslexia in the coming months.

Lynn says studies show that early intervention actually changes the neurobiology of a dyslexic brain for the better.

“Providing appropriate, open research-based intervention shows that the brain can reverse dyslexia, eliminate dyslexia. “It does not disappear, but it can be restored,” he said.

Check out Tony Ayello’s report

Experts say the NYC dyslexia treatment program can be life-changing


“Travel is possible, but we did not always have the tools to get there,” said Jeppe.

Lawyer Jeppe now uses text-to-speech and other technologies to navigate the written word. Like Mayor Adams, he proves that dyslexia is a barrier, not a barrier to success.

“If I had that little support earlier, right now, we would not just say Mr. Mayor. “You would probably say, Mr. President,” Adams said.

“Mayor Adams, I hope we will not be an exception to the rule. “We will be the norm,” said Jepe.

Proponents say these efforts could boost the economy, even affect crime. There is a high level of dyslexia among prisoners, many of whom have not received any special care for dyslexics.

The Ministry of Education does not have data on how many students may need help, but they estimate that one in five people has dyslexia.

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