Espresso coffee is associated with high cholesterol

May 11, 2022 – Drink espresso coffee is associated with an increase in blood Cholesterol levelsparticularly in men, a new study shows.

Other findings show similar growth total cholesterol For both sexes, boiled or cylindrical coffee, as he showed in a previous study, while drinking filtered coffee is associated only with an increase in total cholesterol in women.

“Coffee is the most widely used central stimulant in the world. Ունի Norway has the second highest consumption of coffee in the world,” wrote researchers led by nesne Lirhus Svatun of the Norwegian Arctic University in Tromso.

“Even the small effect of a popular beverage due to the consumption of large amounts of coffee can have significant health consequences, therefore, it is an important topic for research,” they concluded.

The results were published online in the journal Tuesday Open heart.

“There are several studies that have shown that unfiltered coffee’s increase in total cholesterol,” said Nieka Goldberg, a physician and cardiologist at NYU Langone Health, who was not involved in the study. “The chemicals that mediate this growth are diphtheria, caffeol, cahveol.”

David Cao, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Medical School, suggests using less high-fat dairy in coffee. «

He notes that: total cholesterol Cholesterol measured in this study includes all types of cholesterol.

“I would suggest looking at HDL, which is good, against LDL:, which is bad, not just common in such a case. “If the change is due to the addition of good HDL, then it is actually desirable,” says Kao.

He also suggests that researchers study other dietary and lifestyle habits related to coffee consumption, such as certain foods or overeating. fatigue it may prompt another condition, such as: sleep apnea.

“Sometimes drinking coffee is just a sign of something else,” says Kao.

The new analysis includes 21,083 people from the Tromso study in Northern Norway. The average age of the group was 56.4 years. The researchers assessed the relationship between each level of coffee drinking and the total serum cholesterol levels and studied the effect of sex on these results. The information group consisted of those who did not drink coffee.

Drinking 3 to 5 cups of espresso every day is significantly associated with higher levels of total cholesterol in men և women compared to those who do not drink espresso.

Drinking 6 or more cups of coffee / brewed coffee a day is also linked to total serum cholesterol in men և compared to people who do not drink this type of coffee.

The researchers also found that drinking 6 or more cups of filtered coffee a day for women was associated with lower cholesterol levels, but no increase was found in men.

Drinking instant coffee is associated with higher cholesterol levels than not drinking instant coffee for both men and women, but the researcher said there was no link between the use of instant coffee.

The scope of the study included self-report և the fact that the study consisted mainly of elderly, middle-aged white adults.

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