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Pour into a cup of espresso tonic


The Espresso & Tonic is a cold coffee drink that feels forgiving while still being primitive in its ingredients. The actual expression of a saying is greater than the sum of its parts. It is very enjoyable in the afternoon as a means of reception, to cope with other work tasks or for a long breakfast. Espresso stuffed with tonic is widely and savagely consumed in European cafes (it is reported that for the first time the owner of the cafes Fried pavilions): It has been adopted by baristas և coffee lovers here in the USA for the last 6 years.

Although I rarely see it on the menu of cafes in the United States, I have asked to be rewarded with this foam several times. coffee drink. This is a secret menu item. Filling with salt cream is the addition I made to the rest of the cocktail cream. As you can probably guess, this would be a great example coffee cocktail! One ounce or 2 ounces of barrel of aged alcohol or liqueur added to it will be delicious, but drinking it on its own is just fun. Espresso և tonic with salted cream is just a creamy, caffeinated quinine delight.

Espresso tonic with salted cream


I used Q Tonic here, which I think is a little more frothy than the other brands, but I change the tonic depending on my mood or the coffee beans I use. Or you can use any tonic containing real quinine (insert the plastic in 2 liters), but choosing a tonic that combines with the coffee profile will result in a certain spicy drink. Fever Tree has different flavors of tonics, such as herbal Mediterranean: lemon, while other brands may be sweeter or less so. Cook the espresso (I use: Red Bay Coffee’s Carver’s Dream) or take some from the cafe և think about the flavors that come when you sip. Is there more chocolate or nuts? Maybe the notes of caramel or delicious fruit are obvious. Go from there to choose the perfect tonic for mating. But sometimes when you make a drink, especially coffee, you do not want to think too much about it, so you can use what you have at hand. I want to use what you have.

Pour the tonic into a crystal cut glass
Espresso tonic with salted cream
Espresso tonic with salted cream


By adding a little salt, it is transferred to another level. A pinch of salt cuts down on the cream’s fat, helping to bind it in tonic water. Whipping the cream lightly makes it easier to incorporate it into the drink when you drink it, against rising to the top, leaving a piece of cream at the end of the drink, as in the case of heavy whipped cream. I used a hand mixer to whisk lightly, but you can also whisk the cream in a jar or cocktail shaker for half a minute to thicken. For those who do not use dairy products, whipped coconut cream will also work here instead of cream.

Combining candied citrus peel with espresso is something I appreciated in a late cafe 20th Century Cafe In San Francisco. The owner Michelle paired the espresso cup with sugar, translucent orange peel, balanced on a grape plate, it perfectly cleansed the palate after a bitter espresso. For espresso tonic cream, all boxes are for me: effervescent, bitter, sweet, citrus-creamy.

Espresso tonic with salted cream


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A sparkling coffee drink that takes place in the afternoon, both sparkling and bitter, sweet and creamy.

  • 5:6: oz tonic water, I used Q Tonic
  • 2 ounces espresso (double shot) I used Red Bay Coffee’s Carver’s Dream
  • 3/4 oz– 1 ounce salted, sweetened whipped cream
  • Optionally, candied orange peel

  1. Add tonic water to a glass filled with ice.
  2. Add espresso from the top.
  3. Slowly pour in the whipped cream.
  4. Garnish with orange peel.


Fresh espresso is best, but you can use coffee from a mocha pot or even cold brew. Use what you have.

I used a small amount of Luxardo cherry syrup in a glass և it was a great addition. Add your favorite flavored syrup if you wish.

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