Every Monday night football game this season, classified

The full NFL schedule has been released և if you were expecting 17 amazing games Monday night football – I have bad news. This year ‘s paper is full of some really great matches, with lots of them, and then some absurd games that make little sense, featuring teams we’ve already seen.

We do not have to watch the Saints or the Colts twice on national television. It’s not that they are bad, it just does not offer much variety. Let’s take a look at this season’s full list of MNF games from top to bottom.

Number 1. Bills in Bengal – Saturday 17

We close the season with bangs. Two of the best teams in the AFC match in a week, which are likely to have huge playoff implications. It does a lot, whether someone is trying to sneak in or secure their own field advantage.

Number 2. Broncos at Chargers – Week 6:

I believe this will be wonderful. A few years ago, there was no reason for this to be impressive, but the AFC West was competing so fiercely, combined with the Russell Wilson-Justin Herbert QB fight, և we have all the ingredients for a great game.

Number 3. 49 in Cardinals – Week 11

It all depends on whether Trey Lance is all that San Francisco hopes it can be, but it will be good no matter what. Every time you get Kyle Murray against the 49’s defense, it’s fun, հնարավոր the ability to attack is added visibility. By week 11, we will know who these two teams are, which makes it fun.

Number 4: The Bengals in Browns – Week 8

It all depends on the status of Deshon Watson. This will either be one of the best games of the season or an invisible mess. We’ll have to wait and see if the NFL will stop Watson, but for now I’m working on the assumption that he is playing.

No. 5. Raiders at the top – Week 5

Las Vegas is desperately trying to move to the AFC West Cement elite. This makes it an early test of the ability of both teams, we will see if the Raiders’ huge work through free agency արդյունք trading will pay off.

No. 6. Aries at age 49 – 4th week

This could very well be the MNF game of the year, but I’m a little cautious as it depends a lot on Trey Lance. If he’s not ready to take on the burden this year, it would be a really ugly game, which is why I rate it against cardinals under 49, which can be competitive even without Lance playing well.

Number 7. Aries in Packers – Saturday 15

There will be a lot of drama in the NFC playoffs at the end of this season, and it looks like there will be more for the Packers. Of course, they have a much easier division, but Green Bay took a big offensive step with the loss of Davante Adams, և it could lead to this game fighting for their playoff life.

Chargers No. 8 at Colts – Week 16

This is a really intriguing game with more playoff potential. The Colts are expected to be able to do that in the south of the AFC, but the west is a struggle, until the 16th week the Chargers can struggle to find their way.

Titans 9. Titans at Bills – Week 2:

This is a turning point for me as games start to get worse. There is nothing wrong with this game, but there is nothing particularly interesting. I do not believe Ryan Tanhill anymore, but watching Derrick Henry against Buffalo’s defense is worth the reception.

No. 10. In the Broncos Seahawks – Week 1:

Makes it to the Top 10 just because of Russell Wilson’s drama about returning to Seattle. Otherwise I do not think this is a good game.

Number 11. Patriots at the Cardinals – Week 14

This game does not inspire any emotion at all. Nothing good, nothing bad, it just exists.

No. 12. Saints in the Buccaneers – Week 13

The Buccaneers should win, but NFC South is shocking. That’s the best thing that can be said about this one.

No. 13. Steelers at Colts – Week 12

This is a football game that you can watch.

No. 14. Crows at the Saints – Saturday 9

This is a football game you can watch.

No. 15. Commanders at Eagles – Week 10

No one outside of these two fan bases should obey it. Carson Wentz coming back to Philly, I think, inspires some drama, but no one really cares about Carson Wentz.

No. 16. Cowboys with giants. Week 3:

The Giants had a great draft, but this game is offensive to show on national television.

No. 17. Bears for Patriots – Week 7:

I can not understand who thought this would be a good game. It’s worthless’s no one should watch.

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