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It: double barrel of sherry finish is one of the most popular whiskeys on the market. This whiskey is pre-sweet և sweet, before it becomes earthy, a savory appetizer և spicy. Sherry barrels are considered to be one of the main ingredients in the maturation of this whiskey.

In many cases, many whiskey fans prefer whiskey that has been matured in a sherry barrel all along, or additionally prepared or matured in this type of barrel. Therefore, the quality of sherry barrels և springs can be crucial for whiskey lovers. This article discusses everything you need to know about Sherry Double Cask Finish.

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The story of Cher Barrel

The whiskey barrel is simply a transport barrel, originally made from European oak. The transport barrels could last up to 500 liters and were initially used for short aging of fortified wine, fermentation of parsley. Over time, such barrels will be filled with mature sherry to be sold and shipped to the UK.

Today you can find 250 liter piglets, as they are more convenient to store. These barrels are also cheaper, with a larger wood contact area to make them more popular.

As mentioned earlier, barrels were made of European oak, and now American oak is widely used. Remember that distillation plants Order special barrels so that they can produce whiskey with certain characteristics, so different types of wood are needed. In many cases, many distilleries choose the most affordable wood as well.

The taste of Sherry Double Cask Finish

The color of Sherry Double Cask Finish is deep golden yellow, and the aroma is rich in the aromas of fudge, butter and iris. This whiskey has more aromas of honey, cookie dough, green apple and baby. You can also smell dried fruits such as raisins, candied lemons, sultans, as well as some powdered malt and milk chocolate.

As for the taste of this whiskey, it has an initial sweet-creamy feeling. Here’s this deal, the manuka և vanilla flavor tends to go well with milk chocolate, marshmallow և sugar for a great taste.

It gets better because the distinct taste of the candy threads usually comes to offer you a higher sweetness. And dried fruits, such as sultanas and raisins, as well as fresh green apples, combine well to add depth.

Then you get a balance with some spicy appetizing notes that have a bit of fun edges that remind you of moss, moist soil. The aroma of powdered bitter sweet malt և cookie dough is also a welcome development, as are warming spices. Even better, cinnamon and spices usually stand out.

Sherry Double Cask Finish can get tastier over time. Sweet notes և fruity notes disappear leaving you with spices և malt. The result can be drying, heating և has clear earthly properties that leave you with the desire to drink this one drink.

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