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News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson said Wednesday that if governments do not take action now to curb so-called “self-choice” online, the opportunity could be gone forever.

Two legislative acts now goes through Congress target the ability of companies that “market products” and “sell” their own products to consumers to push their competitors out at the same time. For example, Amazon can push Amazon-branded T-shirts ahead of competitors when users search the e-commerce giant’s website to find T-shirts.

In an interview with WPP CEO Mark Reed at WPP Beach, Thomson said the big risk was that without better oversight, e-commerce platforms could circumvent existing antitrust laws by establishing algorithms that “take advantage. [their] market power – meaningful, but unnoticed. “

He later added, “We are getting to the point where, if we do not solve these problems now, in five years’ time this ability to manipulate will be as real as ever, but it is not provable in practice.”

“Why I support the debate is that it brings more knowledge about how they work. “These are not mysterious, self-affirming mechanisms,” he said. “They have parameters set by humans.”

He said that News Corp., which owns the Big Five book publisher, HarperCollins, is vulnerable because Amazon publishes audiobooks, but it also owns the Audible e-commerce platform Audible.

“95% of audiobooks in the United States are sold through Audible,” he said.

Thomson և Reed also discussed its prospects Mark Zuckerberg “Metavers” comprehensive project.

Thomson said his success may depend on how much the Facebook tycoon wants to wrap it up as his company’s own online domain, and how willing he is to allow other companies to partner with it. “Will it be Merchants or the pervert?” He mocked.

“The question is, how do you separate hippies from reality?”

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