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This year the challenge is quite big

Jakarta (ANTARA) – After two years of waiting, meeting the high expectations of Hajj pilgrims this year will be a challenge for the officers and will motivate them to provide the best services, the Ministry of Religious Affairs said.

“This year the challenge is quite big, the expectations of the pilgrims are quite high, the officers have never been on duty. “We hope that the officers will do their job well, that time is limited,” said the head of the subdivision. For the Hajj officers of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Suvianto said here on Saturday.

He noted that another challenge that needs to be addressed is that most of this year’s Hajj pilgrimage officers have never been assigned Hajj pilgrimage responsibilities before, so they need to understand their responsibilities. Moreover, the training period for officers is short, only one week, from May 16, 2022 to May 22, 2022.

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Of the 1,901 officers recruited to Hajj, 841 are taking technical guidance courses at the Pondok Gede Haj dormitory in Jakarta.

The future Haji officers rehearsed on Saturday to train and strengthen their understanding of their responsibilities to serve the congregation.

“Today’s activity is aimed at finding out to what extent the materials of the officers’ technical guide have been implemented,” Suvianto said.

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During the experiment, the officers simulated the pilgrims as soon as they arrived at the airport, in the hotels, how to solve the problems that the pilgrims may encounter.

Experience has shown the role of officers in providing transportation, lodging, and food to pilgrims.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia announced that this year the Hajj pilgrimage will be opened for one million pilgrims from different countries. It allocated 100,051 quotas to Indonesia for the pilgrimage.

The first batch of Indonesian pilgrims is scheduled to leave on June 4.

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