F1 LIVE. Recent Monaco Grand Prix practice updates

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Follow the latest live updates live Formula 1: news from: Monaco Grand Prix as it is practiced today in the symbolic sleigh of Monte Carlo. The scene of Formula 1 cars passing through the streets of Monte Carlo is one of the best in motorsport և it’s going to be a strong week for the title race. Max Verstapen seeks to increase pressure on Ferrari Charles Leclercwho will aim to bring glory to his home.

And it was the hosts’ favorite who finished the practice the fastest as Leclerc beat Red Bull driver Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz was third at the other Ferrari. Verstappen finished fourth, however Lewis Hamilton The seven-time world champion had difficulties in the first run of the weekend.

Hamilton has repeatedly complained about pigs in his Mercedes. “It’s so bright here, my friend. “I’m losing my mind,” he said. He added later. “I need elbow pads in this cabin because it bounces a lot.” Hamilton’s Mercedes team felt that they had solved most of the porous problems that plagued their season so far, so his disappointments will be a source of concern as Mercedes tries to get their campaign back.

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Ken Magnussen locks up and leaves the track on a short turn, finishing his fast run.

Christian Horner in Sky Sports և talks about Ferrari pace.

“We are now focused on our long-term prospects, this is the only opportunity we have to get that data. In this session [Ferrari] They have shown great speed, they look quite competitive. ” he said.

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Pierre Gusli is nervous about running on the track, but manages to jump to the seventh when he finishes his soft tires, while his AlphaTauri teammate Yuki Junoda is in the P10. It’s a good show by them this afternoon.

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The top four are very familiar. Two Ferraris in one or two, and Red Bull is after them. Lando Norris is fifth and Mercedes’ George Russell is sixth.

Lewis Hamilton is out of the top 10. He is now 12th.


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McLaren’s Lando Norris hits the wall in the first turn, but continues to record the fifth fastest time. Charles Leclerc returned to the top of the table with a time of 1: 12.656.

He is followed by teammate Carlos Sainz (+0.221) and Red Bulls Sergio Perez (+0.379).

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Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is ahead of Perez after a quick turn with soft tires. He sets a time of 1: 13.125, which Max Verstappen gives just 1: 13.103 is a few hundredths of a second.

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Perez continues to lead the table, but Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is faster in the first half. He slows down for the rest of the course և can only record the sixth fastest lap.

His Mercedes teammate George Russell is doing better, finishing third in the table with +0.560 seconds behind Red Bull’s Perez.

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The cars all went back to the racetrack. Here’s the look of Daniel Ricardo’s crash. Nicholas Latifi reports that there is still some damage to the brake line, but it is not enough to stop the session again.

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There are only 40 minutes left until the end of the second practice. Red Bull player Sergio Perez has the fastest time so far, after his teammate Max Verstappen +0.254.

The rest of the session should start in a few minutes.

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The red flags came out as McLaren’s Daniel Ricardo crashed into a barrier. He was talking to the team on the radio.

“I’m glad you’re fine, we’ll repair the car, do not panic,” one of the race engineers told Ricardo. “Yes, I understand, I will explain … I will explain when I return.”

The car was hit hard, the front wing seems to have been completely displaced, and the left front wheel wears out worse.

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The cars came out on the street of Monte Carlo. What is expected at this session?

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