Fact check. Did Trump choose SCOTUS to end Roe v. Wade, according to the AOC.

Alexandria Occasio-Cortes has blamed the former president Donald Trump appointment: Supreme Court Justice: Roe v. For the special purpose of overturning Wade.

The New York Democrats’ claims come as: There is a debate in Washington և: all over the US about a possible change in the decision which since 1973 guarantees the right to abortion throughout the country.

But was Okasio-Cortes right in claiming that Trump had appointed judges specifically to overturn the ruling?

Amy Connie Barrett, the judge of the Seventh District Court of the United States, speaks after US President Donald Trump announced that he will be his candidate in the Supreme Court at the White House in Rose Garden on September 26, 2020 in Washington. With 38 days to go before the election, Trump has nominated Barrett as his third Supreme Court nominee in just four years to replace the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday.
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MP Ocasio-Cortes claimed on May 3, 2022, that Senator Lisa Murkovsky (R-AK) had voted for the Supreme Court. Amy Connie Barrett knowing that former President Trump had deliberately appointed himself and others to overthrow Ron v. Wade.

It: tweet:On May 3, 2022, more than 85,000 interactions were posted.


Although Trump has never openly promised or promised to rescind Ron v. Wade, he has described himself as a “life supporter” and has stated his intention to appoint judges who are likely to overturn the abortion decision.

During his presidency, Trump has appointed three Supreme Court justices, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Cavanaugh և Amy Connie Barrett, who? Democrats was afraid to lead Roe v. Wade’s overturning.

Leakage of the draft Supreme Court opinion on the decisionSince then, it seems that their appointments can really leave abortion laws in the hands of the state legislature.

Whether Trump avoided publicly stating that his plan was to appoint judges to overthrow Roy vs. Wade, what he said during his presidency է strongly suggests that he knew it would happen.

During the third presidential debate in 2016, host Chris Wallace asked Trump: “Do you want the court, including the judges you mentioned, to overturn Ron v. Wade, which is, in fact, the right of the states to have an abortion?”

He answered. “Well, if it happened, because I am a supporter of life, I would appoint judges for life, I would think it would return to individual states.”

Wallace pressed the question again, asking: “You just said you want the court to defend the Second Amendment. Do you want to see the court overturn Ron v. Wade?”

Trump answered. “Well, if we appoint two or maybe three judges, it really will happen, it will happen.

“It will happen automatically, in my opinion, because I am judging pro-life judges. I will say that it will return to the states, ները the states will make a decision later. “

In the same year, after being elected President, Trump appeared in 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahlwhere he was asked. “During the (presidential) campaign, you said that you would appoint judges who are against abortion rights … You are looking for justice, who wants to overthrow Ron v. Wade.

He answered. “I am for life, the judges will be for life … in connection with abortion, if it is ever canceled, it will return to the states.”

Stahl suggested that if Ron vs. Wade failed, some women might not be able to have an abortion, to which Trump responded: “Maybe they will have to go to another state.”

In 2020, after Amy Connie Barrett was nominated in the US Supreme Court, she was asked: Fox News: did he want to see Ron turn against Wade?

He said. “So I did not think I should discuss it with him [Barrett]because it’s something he’s going to decide.

“But if you look at his past actions and decisions, I guess he might be in the category you mention, I do not know.”

He continued. “I can say that he is certainly conservative in his views, in his decisions, we have to see how it all works.”

So while Newsweek: He could not find any evidence that the president had openly promised to overthrow Ron v. Wade, or that he had appointed special judges to do so, and that his appointments to the Supreme Court against abortion apparently had the same effect.

The comments he made when the president strongly suggested that he knew that the appointment of judges like Barrett would overturn the verdict.

Newsweek: Contacted representatives of Okasio-Cortes և Trump for comments.


Fact-checking - Basically right

Basically right.

Occasio-Cortes’s assertion is largely correct. Either he did not take a clear oath to overturn Ron v. Wade, or by stating that he would appoint Supreme Court justices for that purpose, Trump said he would appoint Supreme Court justices who he thought would likely “automatically” overturn the decision.


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