Falling back

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Add Apple Brandy (I used Laird’s 100 Proof BIB), Genepy (I used Dolin), Fernet-Branca և Apothecary Bitters Mystic Caravan Bitters to the frozen mixing bowl. Add ice, mix until well frozen. Squeeze into a glass of iced cocktail և serve.


The nose is brittle with accents of honey, anise, herbs և fruit. In terms of taste, this one falls into the “widow’s kiss” of a diamond. drinks with notes of honey, smoke, apple, pear, clove, son: anise. Finishing starts dry խ brittle և ends vegetable և sweet.

Fall back 3:


All right, all right, yes, I’m still alive. Sorry, crickets have been here for so long. My day job beats me up a lot, և lately, when I’m taking some vacations, I just want to go out and live my dream, you know, right?

Anyway, at least I did not go down without explaining myself first, because I love doing it. Again a thousand apologies for being such a useless blogger…

To move forward, Falling back is a riff on two of my favorite cocktails, Diamondback: և: The kiss of a widow. In fact, it tastes somewhere between the two. ” The common denominator of these two classics is: apple brandy. I was looking to make an autumn inspired cocktail, this was the first thing I caught. I mean, these things are just screaming. I also supported pharmaceutical bitter Some time ago on Kickstarter (the purpose of the pun was) և I wanted to share with you all their bitterness. Probably my favorite is theirs Mystical caravan bitter, which has a smoking pears the taste.

Fall back 4:

As it was getting cold outside, I wanted something drink, so he dropped one of the lighter mixers, such as vermouth, and chose sensible spirits. Taking my cues from the above classics, I wanted something plant-based. It’s one of my favorite herbal liqueurs Genepy:. It has the taste of absinthe anise, without excessive taste of the mucous membrane և herbal bouquet Chartreuse:. Think of it somewhere between the two, but lighter than the two.

I’m drinking Internet Branch: constantly (և please do not take any substitutes… I have tried them, և some are tolerable, nothing compares to the original). That said, I especially like it Fernet when it starts to cool outside. The strong vegetable flavor really warms me up with all the right eggs. I decided to polish it Falling back just a little bit with this lovely amaro. Add too much – it predominates in the drink, but in small portions it adds a lot of complexity – taste to this combination.

Fall back 2:


Some great ideas for this one. Sometimes I find it a little sweet for my mood (as you can see, I like my drinks very often dry և bitter). If you want to dry it, cut a quarter ounce of apple brandy և dry it by a quarter ounce. age:. This version is more spicy for the hair և definitely a little drier.

Flushing the glass is also a great way to change the taste. Try using peat Scottish: increase the smoke factor or use a few absinthe enhance the vegetable flavor. Hell, you can do both if you want (I did it… great).

You can also definitely participate Chartreuse:, Witch or another herbal liqueur instead of Genepy, but it will definitely change the taste – not one of them will be delicious.

Sorry to be so lame again և I hope you enjoy this new fall favorite.

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