FAQ. PN Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management և Rehabilitation Coaching Certificate

When you finish the program, you will have a level pro-understanding The science behind sleep, stress և recovery, along with reliable, repetitive step by step game book to train your customers through it all.

All of the above means: better results for your customersin all areas of their lives, from their health և fitness to their relationships, careers, mindset, emotions ուն flexibility.

And that means a stronger business for you, because you help customers achieve better, deeper results than ever before. You will develop a deeper, more valuable relationship with your customers, which naturally leads to better retention և more referrals. And you will stand out from the competition like never before because you will be able to help your clients in a way that 99% of other coaches just can’t.

What USSR certified coaches CAN and CANNOT do

This will probably not be a surprise. this certificate will not be Allows you to install MD, PhD, RD, RN or CNRP on your behalf. As a result, when you are certified, you: will not be be able to…

Մարդկանց Diagnose people with sleep problems or stress disorders

: Prescribe something directly to treat any medical condition or health problem, especially medications or supplements

❌ Offer targeted advice that might reasonably be part of medical therapy, such as asking someone to ‘stop taking antidepressants before you try…’.

❌ Demand to “diagnose”, “treat”, “treat” or “mark” as part of your practice

: Claim to magically eliminate all human suffering with your wonderful training programs

Aside from the above, however, you can still do a lot. You can still be part of your customer support team և care community. In that role you can…

Ընդհանուր Make general recommendations for a healthy lifestyle in many countries

Առողջ Share healthy lifestyle education using materials from public or reputable organizations such as the American Sleep Association, Disease Control, Centers for Nutrition և Academy of Nutrition և, of course, PN.

✅ Actively listen և Empathize with customers’ struggles

Նել Help clients better understand their situation և Find potential solutions, thus inspiring և Empower them to take action on their behalf

✅ Provide accountability, structure և Support

: Help clients protect their medical team, for example, by helping them gather information about what they notice so that talking to their health care providers is as informative as possible.

Ավոր Share reputable, evidence-based և useful resources for them to discuss with their medical team

: Help clients implement the plan put forward by their medical team. For example, medical guidelines can be difficult for clients to follow consistently in everyday life. they may need help with skills such as planning, preparation, priorities և Dividing tasks into smaller, more manageable sections. You can help in all this.

Լրացուցիչ Provide additional, behavior-based training to help them develop basic nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle skills and practices that support medical care.

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