Father’s Day gift ideas 2019

Depending on your dad, a Father’s Day gift can be a lot of fun or homework. Delicious whiskey for me և painted property cigars It’s my favorite way to celebrate. If you’re still looking for ideas, however, I have a few that could earn you the title of “Favorite Child” this year. Try these gifts!

Door58 Decanter Set. $ 79.99:

Packed in a beautiful wooden gift box, this basket set is 100% crystal, not cheap glass (note that there are no seams in the drums or filter). With a sharp Art Deco-inspired design, the filter will hold a whole bottle of whiskey, and the wide and thick vessels feel great in the hand. Door58 generously offers our readers (until June 15, 2019) a 20% discount on this collection. Just follow the link և enter the code 20 DADBLOG: at the time of payment.

Powers Three Swallow Irish whiskey. $ 40:

Those of you who have not had much experience with Irish whiskey are missing out. Bourbon Sweet Notes ոտ Scottish richness makes Irish flavor its own. This is a fairly new phrase from Powers that has only been available in the US for a few months, so if you see one, grab a bottle for Dad.

Speyburn 10 (gift set): $ 30:

To me, Speyburn is one of the best single malt scotch purchases. Often $ 30, sometimes as low as $ 20, it is an easy brand to keep around. In this case, my Speyburn bottle was packaged in a “Source” bottle of Scottish water designed to accompany Highland whiskeys like this one. You serve your Speyburn neatly և give a small line to Source. Fun idea յալ perfectly accessible.

Diplomatic Reserve Exclusive rom. $ 45:

If dad wants to dare to go into the old rum, a beauty like Diplomatico is the best way. With both tropical and woody notes, stale rum sometimes matches with cigars, for example, or even coffee. If Dad likes drinks or adds a little liqueur to his coffee, let Diplomatico try it.

Enjoy your Father’s Day this year! Hello

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