Features of iOS 15.5. Everything new in iOS 15.5

Apple today released iOS 15.5 և iPadOS 15.5 to developers after weeks of testing. The new updates are not as rich as the previous updates և mainly focusing on the changes inside, but there are still a few minor changes that we have outlined below և.

Podcast updates

It: Apple Podcasts: The application includes a setting that allows users to limit the number of episodes stored on it iPhone: or: iPad:. It will also automatically delete older episodes, not allowing the app to take up too much space on iOS devices.

Apple Pay Cash:

In: Apple Pay: The cashier section of the wallet app now has “Require” և “Send” buttons to make it easy to manage cash directly from Wallet.

apple cash buttons

Apple Pay has also been renamed Apple Cash in the Messages app.

Main application:

There are now WiFi signal lines that allow you to secure HomePod: has a connection in the Home application.

Universal control

In iPad OS 15.5, Universal control is no longer in beta. This means that the function has been fully, officially launched, that the errors have been resolved.

Universal color control feature

First introduced on iPadOS 15.4 և macOS Monterey: 12.3 “Universal Control” is designed to allow you to use a single mouse / touchpad աշար keyboard for multiple iPads և Macs.

Apple card

Apple is now talking about the physical Apple card as a “Titanium Card” Wallet app.

iOS 15.5 adds support for External Link Account Entitlement, which is designed to allow readers to add links to external sites to create and manage an account. An external link will allow an app like Netflix to offer offline sign-in App Store: in-app procurement system.

Reader applications include those that provide digital content such as magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music or video as the main functionality of the application, such as Spotify, Netflix, Hulu and other applications.

Photo Memories:

Apple has added a list of “Sensitive Places” to iOS 15.5 Pictures application, which means that these places are locked for display in memory. This list includes various concentration camps և Holocaust memorials.

Apple Music Playback API:

iOS 15.5 introduces again Apple Music API: which allows a third party Apple Music: players to change the speed at which songs are played. The API was removed in iOS 15.4, but it is being reinstalled in iOS 15.5.

Apple Classic Links:

There were links in the beta to the upcoming Apple Classical app, which Apple is developing to complement Apple Music, but the app has not been launched as part of the iOS 15.5 update.

The music app’s code includes “Open in Apple Classical” և “Open this in the new app for classical music”, but this suggests that the release may be in the not-too-distant future.

Apple Classic App

Apple has acquired Primephonic Classical Music streaming service still in August 2021 և said that it will create a new experience of classical music for Apple Music. Apple plans to release a new standalone application dedicated to classical music, The application will integrate the Primephonic user interface և Classical music specializations with Apple Music և functions such as Lossless և Spatial Audio. Apple did not provide details on when the app may appear, but preparations are clearly underway.

SportsKit updates

Apple continues to build its SportsKit support as it lags behind The start of baseball on Friday night, : There are references to TV shows to score points for different baseball innings.

Automation correction

iOS 15.5 eliminates the bug that could lead to home automation failure triggered by travelers or arrivals.

Security fixes

iOS 15.5 և iPadOS 15.5 also includes more than 25 security patches as stated: Apple Security Support Website. None of the fixes have been actively exploited, but it is still worth updating immediately.

There are fixes for WebKit, Kernel, Wi-Fi, AppleAVD, etc.

Other features:

Find one of the features of iOS 15.5 that we missed. Let us know in the comments!

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