Finally, Flames won the key 5th game, but can they be taken into account?

He felt like it was happening again.

It: Flames lost 1-0 Dallas Stars in the third period, after 40 minutes of ugly, ineffective hockey. Saddledome was silent, tense, filled with some 20,000 fans who had seen it before.

Yield in the key game with the “Stars” 5. A period that was far from the first period. At risk of seeing the early end of a promising season.

But then something changed.

Michael Baklund finished what linear Blake Coleman և: Andrew Mangiapane has started. There were 13 minutes left in the square of the game, և the fans just did not breathe ան they exploded.

“The fans were waiting for a goal, it was a big goal that (Bucklund) scored there, it kind of exploded,” Mangiape said. “I think our whole team just got fed up with that energy.”

“It was high,” Bucklund added. “I was shouting too, ‘I think no one heard me.’

The goal was to take the first necessary step to ensure that the move to the 4th game, after a 4-1 victory in Dallas, leveling the series at 2-2, would not go backwards. On Wednesday, Flames took another step, returning 1-0, beating the stars 3-1 at Saddledome.

It is possible that the stars of the team were not there tonight, but that is good. Flames finally got the much-needed help from key players in Mangiapein, Bucklund և Coleman, who reunited as Flames’s second line in Game 5.

“It was a good line for us,” said Daryl Sutter. “It is really good in the third period.”

No performance was greater than the performance of Bucklund, who was solid in Game 4 but did not live up to the expectations of the center-back in recent weeks.

He played for more than 20 minutes. He scored the draw, got the main assist to the winner of the Mangiapane game, վրա was on the ice’s the end of the night’s Trevor Lewis’s empty net plus three. Bucklund was the only player to appear on the ice for all three of Calgary’s goals except Eric Goodbranson. The shooting attempts were 22-13 with Bucklund on the ice, և Flames scored about 73% of the expected goals. He was the clinical culprit in a three-on-three penalty shootout, including the most significant one that took place minutes after Mangiapane’s goal.

It was his offensive production that made the biggest impact.

“I felt great,” Bucklund said. “Scoring at home is always a great feeling, but there is nothing better, especially in the playoffs, except, of course, victory. “I did not score much, so it felt very good to put the ball in the net.

After the first 40 minutes of the playoffs, the defeats against Dallas and Colorado were probably in the spotlight of some fans, after all, it is impossible to ignore the story. But then came the third round of three goals.

“They took it to another level,” said Stars coach Rick Bownes. “We did not do that very well.”

The Flames did not always have a “different level”. The fact that they could have scored in that crucial game at 5 instead of collapsing showed why things could be different on this team this time.

The franchise, which for almost two decades did not turn the series into a 3-2 advantage. The club has only done it twice since 2004-05, it finally did. The significance of this victory should not be overestimated for obvious reasons. Since the Stanley Cup final in 2004, every time the Flamez lost the 5th game 2-2, they lost the series. It happened against the Stars in the 2020 balloon, when they lost six games: Chicago (2008-09), San Jose (2007-08) and Detroit (2006-07).

Flames is now one win away from reaching the second round of the playoffs for the first time since 2014-15, rather than a new disappointment from an early season away from one defeat.

They’ve been there since the Backlund line appeared on Wednesday. But also because: Johnny Godroe In the 4th game he played the hero. Their coach makes the right adjustments inside the game և between them և. Lewis, among other reasons, has a quiet presence in the top six. But mostly they are here because Hagop MarkstromAnnounced on Tuesday as a participant in the final of Vezina, he went head to head with the goalkeeper, who was the story of the stars. Jake Oettinger tries to steal the series, ս Markstrom with 0.952 saves և 1.21 goals average, will not allow him.

Of course, the Flames have not won anything yet. On Friday, they will face the play-off Dallas team, a team that gave Flamez unexpected problems in this opening round. And they will be in front of a high house crowd in the center of American Airlines. ” As Sutter said, every victory in the playoffs is tougher than the previous one. The fourth, according to him, is the most difficult. His players know that.

“It would feel a lot better than if we were down (in the series),” Bucklund said. “We know it will be a really tough game, but we feel confident going there.”

Wednesday was a crucial step in getting the job done. Friday is their (first) time to close it. Friday will be their moment to show that they are different from all the other Flame who could not get that far. They still have to prove that they have learned from their failures. They grew up tougher, more resilient, more determined.

Can the flames reach it?

(Top photo by Derek Leung / Getty Images)

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