Football WAG War Trial Day 3. Rebecca Ward returns to testify

The stage is set for WAG football, Colin Rooney and Rebecca Vardy, when they meet on the third day of their match. a much-anticipated defamation trial.

The wife of Wayne Rooney, the English footballer who became a manager in 2019, blamed Vardi sensationallyThe wife of Leicester City player Jamie Vardy about the materials published in The Sun newspaper.

Vardi, who? categorically denied the allegations against him, he responded by slapping Rooney with a slander suit.

Here’s what day awaits the three.

Who is performing on the third day?

Vardy, who is married to Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy, is expected to return to the podium to finish his testimony on Thursday.

He is the only person who performs on the third day.

On Wednesday, Vardi cried when he was asked about the trolling he received as a result of the accusations.

Colin Rooney and her husband Wayne Rooney arrive at the Royal Court of Justice in Strand on May 12, 2022 in London, England.
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Who will perform in the coming days?

Rooney is then expected to appear on Friday, ending his testimony on Monday morning.

Rooney’s witnesses, Joe McLaughlin, Paul Stratford, Ian Monk, Rachel Monk and Mark Whittle, are due to testify Monday afternoon.

Her husband, Wayne Rooney, is scheduled to perform on Tuesday.

English footballer Jamie Vardy's wife, Rebecca Vardy, will arrive in the High Court of London on Thursday, May 12, 2022.
English footballer Jamie Vardy’s wife, Rebecca Vardy, will arrive in the High Court of London on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Both Vardy and Rooney’s lawyers are expected to deliver their closing arguments on Wednesday, concluding the trial.

What is the last one?

On the second day of the trial, Rooney’s lawyer, David Sherborn, investigates a series of text messages to Vardy that he wrote to his agent, Caroline Watt. BBC News: reports.

WAG denies leaking stories via Watt text messaging Vardin said his messages were “just gossip.”

Vardin, however, confessed that he tried to publish a story The Sun reports that footballer Danny Drinkwater was arrested for drunk driving, telling the court that his experience was one-time.

On Tuesday, Rooney accused Vardi of betraying him leaking stories fabricated in the tabloid press. “This is, in essence, a betrayal,” Sherborn said at the start of the trial.

In court, Rooney’s lawyer claimed that Vardy “was responsible for regularly abusing his status as a trusted successor.” [Rooney’s] Personal page on Instagram, secretly informing The Sun. [Rooney’s] personal notes և stories “.

Vardy’s lawyer Hugh Tomlinson said that he wanted to “substantiate his reputation” after being slapped with “false accusations”.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, but that his confession had been obtained through torture. Standard: reports.

Vardi’s lawyer told the court that there was “no irrefutable evidence” that he was the person behind the leak.

How did it all start?

In October 2019, Rooney shared a long post about himself Twitter: և: Instagram: The pages suggested that “for several years now, someone I trusted to be following me on my personal Instagram account has been consistently informing The SUN of my personal posts and stories.”

“That ………. Rebecca Vardy’s account. “

Colin Rooney

Rooney said that “after trying for a long time to find out who it could be, for various reasons”, he had a trick, he devised a plan to remove this mysterious man.

Rooney said he “kept a screenshot of all the original stories, which clearly show that only one person watched them”, claiming that it was “Rebecca Vardy’s account”.

Vardin referred to the accusations on Twitter the same day, mentioning Rooney in his post.

“As I just told you on the phone, I wish you would call me if you thought so.” he wrote in tweets about 2019.

Vardin went on to say that over the years, “different people have logged in” to his Instagram account, adding that “only this week did I realize that I was following people I did not know, I had never followed myself.”

Vardin said he was “disgusted” that he “even had to deny it”, adding that “you should have called me the first time it happened”.

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