Forecasts are improving, but flooded southern Manitoba is still unclear CBC News:

Forecasts may improve in Minnesota, but that does not mean people in flooded southwestern Manitoba can still drop their guards.

“The big rain is with us!” However, this is not the time to be complacent, “said Jim Doppler, the city’s chief executive, on CBC host Marcie Marcusa. Information radio Friday morning.

During torrential rains on Thursday, people in Minnesota were frantically filling sandbags and pumping water as the Little Saskatchewan River rose.

The rain warning initially predicted that it could fall by 30-40 millimeters by Friday morning, raising concerns for residents already battling floods.

“Everyone was worried,” Doppler said. “The water was starting to flood և և everything is so full.”

But as of 4 a.m. Friday, about 20 to 30 millimeters of rain had fallen, “said Dan Fulton, an aeronautical expert at Environment Canada. That rain is now moving east through southern Manitoba.

There is only a 30 percent chance of rain or storms throughout the day in the Minnesota region until some of the dry weather warms things up to normal by the end of next week, Fulton said.

Doppler says most of the cliffs in Minnesota stopped overnight. It was flooded around midnight, but the crew managed to contain it.

Jim Doppler is the Chief Executive Officer of the state of Minnesota. He says officials in southwestern Manitoba are still monitoring and assessing the flood situation as crews make sure the reservoir stops and any water that passes through is pumped out. (Gilbert Rowan / Radio Canada)

Whether he did not know if any homes or businesses were flooded overnight, Doppler said everything was fine on Friday morning. “People decided to leave about 10 houses in the area because their houses were surrounded by water, but there were no mandatory evacuation orders,” he said.

“As you can imagine, people want to stay as long as they can to fight for their possessions,” Doppler said.

“We, I would say, are winning the battle. The river went down this morning. I do not have exact data on that yet, but yes, everything, I hope, is improving. “

And that would not have happened without the support that Minnesota received from both inside and outside the community, Doppler said.

On Thursday, Lisa Bilkovsky, a volunteer coordinator for emergency social services in Minnesota, said: About 1,000 volunteers helped fill and collect about 50,000 sandbags in the community.

Volunteers from the state of Minnesota are filling sandbags on Tuesday amid rising water levels in the community. The level of the Little Saskatchewan River fell on Friday morning, the city’s CAO reported. (Riley Laychuk / CBC)

“People came to us from afar,” said Doppler, including a contractor from Saskatchewan.

“Without it, we would not be in the situation we are in now.”

Officials are still monitoring the situation in Minnesota as flood crews make sure the reservoir stops, and any water that passes through is pumped out, he said.

He was pleased that provincial officials, including Prime Minister Heather Stephenson, saw what was happening in the city during a visit on Thursday.

The visit provided an opportunity for city officials to describe how they coped with the recent flood challenges and what solutions might help in the long run, Doppler said.

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