Forest fires still raging in upscale Southern California

Weakening Winds Can Help Southern California Firefighters Work Friday continuous struggle against persistent fire which continued to destroy the high-class, oceanic community.

Beach fire, burning inside and around Nigel Lakewas Contains 25 percent by Friday morning, after burning at least 200 acres, destroying 20 houses and damaging 11 This was reported by the Orange County Fire Department.

About 563 firefighters According to the OCFA, they are fighting the fire. Two firefighters were injured, but they were discharged from the hospital.

Local winds in Orange County were not expected to reach more than 10 miles per hour on Friday, 16 miles per hour on Thursday, and 30 miles per hour on Wednesday afternoon when a wildfire broke out.

Laguna Nigel resident Keith Morey lost his five bedrooms4 1/2 bath house, but said it would not touch the ruins.

“You think I should be devastated,” he told NBC Los Angeles. “I am just moving forward. “Staying on the past for a long time does not benefit anyone.”

Sasan Daryan also lost his house, but insisted that the walls, floor and roof could be rebuilt.

“It looks like it’s completely destroyed,” Darian said. “It simply came to our notice then. It may sound like a movie, but everyone will be able to repair or replace it. ”

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