Former Oklahoma officers are accused of killing an unarmed man

Two former Oklahoma police officers have filed a rare criminal case against law enforcement after they shot dead an alleged unarmed border trespasser.

The shooting of 29-year-old Quadri Sanders on December 5 was recorded by a video of the officers’ body, an edited part of which was published by the Lawton Police Department on Friday, with additional headlines after the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation completed its investigation.

The couple, Nathan Ronan and Robert Hinckley, who worked at the Lawton Police Department when Sanders was killed, pleaded not guilty to first-degree premeditated murder on Friday, lawyer Gary James said.

The charge is defined by Oklahoma law as murder with the following facts: “When it is done without the purpose of causing death, with a passionate but cruel, unusual horse or with a dangerous weapon, if it is not done. in circumstances that are a forgivable or justifiable murder. ”

Each was free after settling on $ 25,000 worth of bonds. The lawyer said the two, who were initially on paid leave, were suspended in January.

The content of the state conclusion was inaccessible to the public. The findings were sent to the Komanche District Prosecutor for possible criminal prosecution. The disturbing video, cut in half’s half-dark, from a 48-minute video to 23 minutes, tells part of the story, according to James.

Police said officers were called to the scene at 8:30 a.m. that night based on a report by a man who was inside the building despite a defense order demanding he stay away, police said. According to a video released by Lawton Police, the caller said the man was wielding a gun, the officers knew the detail when they staged it outside, and ordered the man through a loudspeaker to come out with his hands up.

The man, identified as Sanders, walked out the back door, according to the video, but returned home before going out again, this time from the front, onto the balcony, or onto a car framed by a pair of appliances. shows.

Quadri Sanders appears just before he is shot by Lawton, Oklahoma and police.
Quadri Sanders appears just before he is shot by Lawton, Oklahoma and police.Louton city

His body seemed to shake and stop in response to orders from various quarters, but he never hit the officers, nor did he say he had a gun.

The loudest commands were repeated: “Hands”. և “Inside”.

Sanders had a baseball cap in his right hand, which he attached to his left when he turned back to the door, the video shows. As he turned, his now free right hand crossed his right thigh, and shots were fired.

Jones said he initially fired only at Hinckley.

Almost at the same time, Sanders raised his right hand and went up to the ground with his face. He jumped, “his right hand could move behind his back for a short time,” which prompted a new phase of command. “Hands”:

Shots were fired again, almost as Sanders raised his hands to the ground. This time Hinckley and Ronan were shot, James said. Sanders screams are heard.

From one of the two shots, Sanders appears to be rolling on his stomach as the shots continue to explode.

After the sound of gunfire stopped, Sanders repeated with obvious pain.

Police said he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

James, a lawyer, said there were possible factors that would show the officers’ innocence, including their acquaintance with Sanders, a source of concern known for carrying a weapon who was charged with a pending crime at the time.

Ronan was at the scene last night, citing reports that a man with a gun had entered the house, James said. And Hinckley was there 10 days after the December shooting, based on a report of a breach of defense.

He said a woman living in the area had received a protection order against Sanders. While police have confirmed the allegations against Sanders, NBC News has not been able to establish any previous links with him.

James said the officers were expecting the worst that night because they were not there “to complain about the noise.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. shoot them for life և respond with lethal force or allow them to keep moving, find a weapon և raise it, then respond.

James argued that when the gun was aimed and aimed at them, it was too late for the police to respond effectively. He insisted that they should shoot or risk their lives.

Sanders did not have a gun. James said one was found inside the apartment, near the door.

Ronan was acquitted by a Comanche district attorney last year after he fatally shot a man, Sonterius Johnson, who allegedly raised a gun at Ronan, who was on duty outside a busy lounge to rest. “Conformity check” on January 17 at 3:30 p.m.

The union representing Lawton’s officers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Sanders’ relatives hired Lee Merritt, a well-known civil rights lawyer, who said on Instagram on Saturday:

“It was just a murder,” he said. “There was no excuse.”

Last week, Lawton Mayor Stan Booker reassured his police department that it was keeping officers to “the highest possible standard.”

“My thoughts and prayers are with the parents, those in our community who have lost a loved one in Quadri Sanders,” he said. “While this decision and the subsequent release of information may shed light on this tragic incident, it does not pass without affecting the grief stages of a loved one who has lost a loved one.”

The former officers were due to appear in court on August 1 for their preliminary hearing.

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