Former Penitentiary Officer Dies, Murder Suspect Arrested in Indiana

A former correctional officer accused of helping a man executed during his escape from an Alabama jail last week has died Monday after a police car crash in Indiana ended in a car crash, authorities say.

Former officer Vicky White, 56, died hours after the crash, said Vanderburg County forensic expert Steve Locktar.

The suspect in the murder, 38-year-old Casey White, was handed over to the authorities after the destruction, Lodderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told reporters earlier.

The US Marshall Service reported that when Casey White got out of the car, he shouted:

Vicki և Casey White were not related, Vanderburg County Sheriff Dave Wedding said on NBC’s “TODAY” show on Tuesday.

While preliminary information indicates that Vicky White shot herself, the sheriff said, “We will not rule anything out until a thorough investigation by a forensic pathologist.”

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, Loktar said.

Vicky White was pronounced dead at a hospital in Evansville, Indiana, shortly after 7 p.m. local time, Locktar said. He did not say how he died.

“It ended a very long, stressful, difficult week and a half,” Singleton said.

Casey White has been arrested after being seen using a security camera while washing a Ford F-150 pickup truck in Evansville.

Casey White
A video that still shows Casey White, 38, cleaning a Ford F-150 at an auto wash in Evansville, India.US Marshals

The owner of the business provided the authorities with images of security cameras, the agency confirmed that they showed White, said the Marshall Service.

Officials had earlier said the Ford F-150 was the car White was driving when the crash happened, but the couple appeared to be in a different car.

Officials said Casey White had a “special relationship” With Vicky White Former Assistant Director of Corrections Lauderdale County Jail. Authorities say they have been in a relationship for at least two years and have been on the phone.

Image: Ford F-150
Ford F-150.US Marshals

No additional details are reported about their relationship. Vicky White is believed to have helped Casey White escape on her last day at work.

Vicky White could not be seen in the photos from the car wash. It was not immediately clear why they were in Evansville, about 270 miles north of Lauderdale County Jail.

Arrest warrants for him Released this month claiming he facilitated or facilitated Casey White’s escape on April 29.

Casey White has been charged with two counts of stabbing 58-year-old Connie Rijue in September 2020, who was already in jail for breaking into a house in 2015, carjacking and police harassment, according to the Marshall Service.

According to the agency, Casey White confessed to stabbing Rijue while waiting for a trial in Lauderdale County Jail when he disappeared.

Austin Williams, Ridgeway’s son, said he was relieved Casey White had been captured. “It’s just that night and day are different, as if you are going through the darkest night, and the next day the sun is shining,” he said. The Marshall Service said investigators learned that before Casey White’s verdict in 2015, he “threatened his ex-girlfriend and his sister, warning that if he ever came out he would kill them, that he wanted the police to kill him.” to himself. “

The Marshall Service offered up to $ 10,000 to arrest Casey White and an additional $ 5,000 to arrest Vicky White.

Singleton said officers realized they had both disappeared around 3:30 p.m., April 29, when Vicky White’s phone was immediately sent to voicemail after multiple attempts to contact her.

Vicky White, Casey White
Vicky White և Casey White.Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office

Vicky White և Casey White was released from prison ostensibly for a mental health assessment in court. Investigators later confirmed that such an assessment was never intended, Singleton said.

On her departure, Vicky White told the booking staff that she planned to go for a medical visit after leaving Casey White because she was not feeling well. But he had no meeting, Singleton said.

He transferred the suspect himself, which violates a policy that requires two sworn deputies to transfer people on those charges, the sheriff said.

Vicky White had been talking about retiring for months. He had sold his house, and the last day of his career as a Lauderdale County Correctional Officer was April 29, the day he and Casey White disappeared.

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