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The creative idea is the one I often think about, or I do not have to agree that it means being able to bring something to life as it is defined. Oxford American Dictionary. To me, this comment implies that creativity comes from nothing, but I tend to view it more as a passionate rearrangement of the raw materials given to us so that something new emerges. This realignment is entirely within our control. I will admit that this way of thinking can be one hundred percent connected with the work I have done. After all, what is the trick of making cocktails, if not that? I take the ingredients, think about them (rather passionately, I can add) in terms of taste cooperation or symbolism, depending on whether my motivation is simply to make an attractive drink or to create a drink that represents something much more at a deep level. In any case, the individual parts sit in front of me until I rearrange them into a single whole. From the collection of citrus fruits, sugar, water, herbs, spices, alcoholic beverages, the cocktail is born, which stands on its rocking legs, ready to accept the world. Something similar happens with my blog posts. Ideas swirl in my head, unformed, until I gather them and give them a structure made up of words. In both cases, I find the process very satisfying; և when the final version of the drink is filled or written down, there is a moment that is always deeply moving;

We are all creative in one way or another, whether our ability to tie the perfect bow to the most beautifully wrapped gift or the harmonious arrangement of furniture and objects in a room. We can even be the person who paints a modern masterpiece that will one day be hung in a MoMA gallery. The difference, of course, is that the last example speaks not only of being creative, but also of being artistically talented. This is a possible difference. Many people think that they are not creative because they can not write poetry or create a symphony, but what they really want to say is that they are not artistic. Everyone has an imaginative creative ability, many of us will or will find artistic abilities. Sometimes we have a talent that we are completely unaware of until we suddenly discover it in the class we attend or in the interest we have always had. No matter how we share our gifts with the world, it is fair to say that we will all feel the weighty moment that occurs when we watch our raw material turn into something bigger, something that is imbued with is from the idea that is inspired և carries inside. that’s one of our best intentions. Sometimes these moments are huge, very public, like making the perfect speech for an event, but sometimes they are quite small, private, like making the perfect meal for our loved one. In both cases, when we strive to give the best we can, we push against the boundary, ությունը the significance we feel marks the moment when we actually cross that boundary.

Before going into any further detail, it is important to note how much of the creative process has been robbed by technology, automation, and highly specialized services that can accomplish so many tasks for us. A few years ago I downloaded an app that discusses the inventory of my good ingredients և milking cocktail recipes. Is it any wonder that this app stayed on my home screen for about three minutes before being deleted? The cocktails he created could be quite good, but the whole process was sterile to me, devoid of any excitement or passion, with no recognizable sign of that moment of deep potential. This makes me think of something I recently read by Nick Cave, a legendary composer, thinker, and musician with a blog post. Red hand files, where fans ask him questions about life, love or loss, and he answers with incredible sensitivity. The question I remember was whether Artificial Intelligence could write such a wonderful song as Nirvana. It smells like a teenager. Cave’s answer is that while artificial intelligence can create a technically great song, it can never capture Kurt Cobain’s attempt to perform the song as part of his personal journey. He argues that what we are hearing is the audacity needed to push our boundaries, as it is driven by human need to transcend our limitations. AI, on the other hand, has no such restrictions. “If we have unlimited potential,” Cave writes, “what is there to overcome?” And then what is the purpose of imagination in general? Music has the ability to touch the celestial sphere with the fingertips, ակ the awe and amazement we feel is not only in the result but in the desperate modesty of accessibility. Where is the infinite luxury in the unlimited potential? ” And the answer, of course, is that there is not. Transcendence cannot exist without limitations. Our task is to allow ourselves to recognize, to appreciate even the smallest victories of our imagination as they are. a look of the divine that is not available to us, but is already caught in the fingers of our outstretched hands.

Today’s cocktail was meant to reflect a kind of creative journey that began with the main spirit, whiskey distilled from IPA beer in Recklesstown, which is then aged in oak barrels. Whiskey weighs in, but the main flavors of beer, Hegats:In this case, Major Nelson is still very common. This allowed me to work with the original taste profile as I chose other cocktail ingredients. When I first tried Major Nelson, I felt that certain spices and heat blended perfectly, so I decided to use Velvet Falernum, which I made from scratch at the distillery, for the sweet ingredient in the drink. It starts with almonds, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise, before literally turning into an adult version of spiced gum. For my citrus, I opted for lime, and then started looking for a way to add a hint of something bright and flowery to the mix. I landed on a handmade ginger hibiscus bush Little Apple Treats: and then added one ounce of IPA beer Evil Twin Brewing: Perform in New York as a high note of whiskey deeper bass. To finish, I opted for homemade Angelica bitters to enhance the floral notes, adding a certain level of sharpness that complemented the IPA personality of both whiskey and beer. As an added bonus, the angel is the herb symbolizing inspiration, and the thyme garnish is designed to represent the courage that may sometimes be required against the limits of our own potential. The dragonfly on the glass reminds us that when we do, the end result can really be transformative. Hello everyone. Happy Friday! Thank you very much for reading.

Limited potential

2.25 ounces RFD Cover Crop Major Nelson beer whiskey
1 ounce Handmade Velvet Fallen
1 ounce of lime juice
.25 Little Apple Treats Ginger Hibiscus Shrub
1 ounce of your favorite IPA
2-line handmade Angelica bitters

Short shake.
One stain in a meaningful Collins glass on fresh ice.
Garnish with thyme branches.


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